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US Perspectives on International Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

San Diego, USA

Personal Branding: Impact, Influence and Effectiveness in the Workplace

Milan, Italy

Legal Psychology in today's America

San Francisco, USA

Peruvian Biodiversity and Sustainability

Universidad Andina del Cusco / Cusco, Peru

The Ethical & Business Impacts of Artificial Intelligence: Today and in the Future

Zagreb, Croatia

Immigrants, Human Rights and Society: Mexico as a Migration Case Study - January

Universidad La Salle, Mexico City, Mexico

Public Policy and Community Development

National University of Lanús/ Buenos Aires, Argentina

Understanding the Middle East: Regional and International Identities, Interests, and Strategies - January

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore/ Milan, Italy

Robotics: Real-Life Applications of Intelligent Designs - January

Riga Technical University/ Riga, Latvia

International Relations and Politics in the EU

Maastricht University / Maastricht, The Netherlands

Forensic Psychology in Canada: From Solving Crimes to Rehabilitation Best Practices

Vancouver Island, Canada