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...because life is a daring adventure or nothing at all... 

AIM Overseas is Australia's most experienced provider of overseas education tours and travel experiences for university students.

Since 2007 we've helped over 6000 Australian students to travel the world.


  • Travelling in South America and learning about international law and human rights.
  • Travelling to France to visit Paris and beautiful country regions and doing an intensive French program.
  • Travelling to Costa Rica to learn about marine biologysnorkelling with local wildlife and experiencing bioluminescent blooms. 
  • Learning more about migration by travelling to Mexico where you'll do a night walk simulating the journey immigrants undertake to cross the border into the US, and going on a tour of the pyramids and local markets in Mexico City and Puebla.  

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"I loved being immersed in the language and experiencing the different cultural activities like La Alhambra - an absolutely must visit.

My friends and I also took a few side trips, one time we went skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains! I would love to have been able to stay longer!

The Spain AIM Overseas trip was a fantastic experience. I got to learn Spanish at a Spanish university with students from other countries, while also enjoying all the different cultural experiences."

Daniel Trevatt, Griffith University

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Our tours...

AIM Overseas travel and study programs are custom made for Australian University students, by Australian travel and international education experts. 

Our tours:

  • Run overseas in a wide range of countries. 
  • Are 2-4 weeks long
  • Include immersive field trips, cultural activities AND accommodation!
  • Include educational classes on topics hand selected for the destination so you get to learn and understand the place you are visiting. You're more than just a tourist!