AIM Overseas delivers exceptional academic short courses, intensively taught at, and by, universities overseas.

Our courses are:

  • Typically 3-4 weeks long
  • Taught during university holidays
  • Taught in English at universities overseas
  • Designed to count for credit* and be OS-HELP eligible*

*Subject to your eligibility and approval by your home institution – see Credit Information and OS-HELP

This is the best thing I have ever done….

Our focus on quality guarantees that they are:

  • Academically rigourous
  • Thoroughly evaluated and quality controlled
  • Dynamic and interactive

It has given me a better idea of what I want to do in future…

When you undertake an AIM Overseas program you will:

  • Study at an excellent university overseas that has an expertise in the topic you have chosen to study
  • Meet and make friends with students from all over Australia and, in many cases, from the host country and around the world
  • Learn from some of the best, most dynamic teachers that the host universities have to offer
  • Discover the culture of the country you are studying in
  • Discover the city and, in many cases region, in which you are studying
  • Take part in an international study experience that is well-supported, with thorough preparation and best-practice health and safety coverage
  • Have a unique experience – all our courses have elements that mean they are different to anything you can study in Australia
  • Be fully supported by a young, passionate team that are fully committed to giving you the best experience possible

It was the best academic experience that I’ve had at uni…

By studying overseas, you are:

  • Adding a big positive to your resume – research shows that employers love it!
  • Gaining access to some of the best thinkers in your chosen topics
  • Giving yourself a chance of getting credit and funding for an overseas experience
  • Increasing your soft skills – research shows students are more flexible, adaptable and creative, amongst other things, than students who haven’t
  • Expanding your horizons and increasing your confidence

I have grown as a person and become more confident…

 AIM Overseas is:

  • Australia’s oldest and most experienced provider of overseas study programs for university students
  • Fully Australian owned and operated
  • A passionate team completely dedicated to helping Australian uni students to have intensive overseas study experiences
  • Australia’s most respected and trusted student mobility organisation

Hear what Australian academics say about an AIM Overseas study experience in this short video.