While on the program, Tayla got the opportunity to meet and connect with entrepreneurs from Charlotte

IMG_6683 1. Why did you choose to go on the Business Communication and Negotiation Skills program? The main reason I chose to go on Business Communication and Negotiation Skills program was because I've always wanted to study and travel at the same time - I love America and have to many places there, and as the program was based in North Carolina, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to expand my travel experience in America even more. I also loved the fact that the program was a short 3 week course as it was the first time travelling alone for me. An advantage of this program was of course the fact that I was eligible to gain credit to go towards my overall university degree - this will make my final semester a lot easier as I will be completing one less subject that I would've. 2. Tell us about the highlight of the program The whole duration (3 weeks) of the program was definitely amazing! It's hard to specify one exact highlight of this. However, the part I mostly benefitted from was the executive dialogue series that occurred twice a day, every Wednesday. The outlay of the series was very well-organised. We were placed into groups based on our area of major study at uni, and acted as the team leaders for our allocated business - one that related to our major study. Meeting successful business individuals from Charlotte, speaking with them about their business and journey to success, and what they foresee in the future was an outstanding experience - one that I never imagined I would get. IMG_6691 3. How do you think this program has shaped you? I definitely believe that I've grown as a person after arriving back home from this program - from kicking off the program with 23 other students from all over Australia whom I had never met before, to making some of the greatest and most cherished friendships. I think it takes a lot for something to choose to go on a program like this and to experience the different social and university cultures from what we are used to back home. This program has definitely given me more confidence and courage to travel alone; to experience new things; and to create new friendships by moving out of my comfort zone. 4. What did you think about the overall quality of the program? The whole layout of the program was great from start to finish. The teachers we worked with over the three weeks were great with us, they were always there whenever we needed something - whether it was help with course work or providing advice and comfort with all the feelings we had from being so far from home for an extended period of time. The course work itself was bearable. However, I must say that time management is crucial if you want to achieve excellent results. The excursions were really good - we were given the opportunity to experience amazing sporting events such as the NBA basketball and ice hockey. 5. How do you think a short exchange program like the one you went on compares to a 6 month long program? I definitely recommend a short course exchange program for someone who has never travelled alone before and is interested to travel and study overseas for a short period of time. It is the perfect opportunity to study, make new friendships, and travel within 3 weeks. The duration of the program ends up flying by and you end up thinking at the end, "Where has all the time gone?!" 6. What are some advice you would give those who are considering an AIM Overseas program? I absolutely recommend all students to consider an AIM Overseas program! Not only do the AIM staff members give their support and advice through the application process, they also have a very well-organised business structure and are always available to get in contact with whenever needed. They've been a great help from the beginning of my application all the way through the end of my program abroad. I couldn't recommend a better provider than AIM Overseas! IMG_6728