Sahar was looking for a short, well-rounded exchange, and wanted to travel to Europe. Because of the Luxury and Fashion Brand Management program, she got to do both!

IMG_3794 1. Why did you choose to go on this program? It was around November, and I had just completed my second year of Marketing Management degree. I had only one more elective left and I really wanted to somehow go on an exchange program which was short enough to count as one subject and long enough to provide me with the experience. On the other hand, I always wanted to visit Europe; I thought why not do both at a same time. I managed to find the Luxury Brand and Fashion Management program on AIM Overseas’ website, which was interesting and different. Gathering the necessary documents and planning my journey to France was very easy with the help of AIM Overseas.  2. Tell me about the highlight of the program for you. I enjoyed meeting like-minded people in my program whom I still keep in touch with. I enjoyed having the most amazing French food and wine while sitting and enjoying the breathtaking view from the restaurants close by my accommodation. Not to mention, Euro Cup was hosted in France while I was over there, and there was something fun to do every night! 13626513_10153916858058860_2529551938357307107_n IMG_3764 3. What do you think about the overall quality of the program - the lecturers, excursions, course work etc.? Overall, I was happy with the quality of the program. Not only did I get to study in a cute and small town in France, but I also got to learn about the French culture. The school took us on an excursion to Paris, which we all loved and enjoyed. Additionally, we were taken to different luxury company visits by school; I must say that my favorite company was a cognac manufacturer. Our lecturers were all educated and well experienced, not to mention that they were very easy going and wanted to make this experience pleasant for us. 4. How do you think this program will benefit your studies and future career? After completing Luxury Brand Management course in France, I realised luxury brands follow a different and interesting style of marketing and advertising than that of fast moving brands. 5. 3 words to summaries your experience on the program Memorable, fun, and amazing. 6. Do you mind sharing a few tips for other students who are preparing for an exchange in France? Make sure to visit ÎI-d’Aix island and hire bikes to ride around the island. IMG_3824 2
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