Michael has been Able to Talk about his AIM Overseas program experience in job interviews

1. Why did you choose to go on the International Litigation and Arbitration program?
I chose to go on this program after completion of a 6-month exchange in Norway which I absolutely loved. The experience really challenged me and it is to this day one of my most cherished experiences. I can gladly say that this experience was equally as rewarding.
2. How do you think this experience has shaped you?
This experience has helped me further appreciate cultural differences and has also assisted in my personal development. I have gained a strong sense of independence and maturity from the program and am comfortable in assimilating in foreign environments and making friends.
3. Has this program benefitted your studies/career? If yes, how? 
I believe an exchange is a strong resume builder, I have been able to talk about my experiences in a number of different applications and job interviews. I also believe the experience has assisted in my studies. Not only have I been exposed to a completely different way of learning, but exchange also teaches you how to multi-task and have fun whilst studying.
4. Was there a funny memory from the trip?
I think the funniest memories would have to be based around the American college parties, I won't go into too much detail and just say that it is a must whilst at uni!
5. Tell us about the overall quality of the program
The overall quality of the program was amazing. My lecturer was very passionate about the content and I would classify her as one of my favourite teachers throughout my degree. Because the experience was quite short, the course work was all very intense and interesting. The field trips were also amazing, just being in a different country and learning about the culture was a great experience.
6. How do you think a short course exchange program like the one you went on compares to a 6 month exchange program? 
I have been on both experiences and can say that they are extremely different but both enjoyable. Whilst the longer term exchange forced me to really grow as a person and learn how to live independently and provided an opportunity to really absorb the cultural differences and get in some great independent travel, the short term experience was jam packed with things to do every day and was very exciting in its own right.
7. Any tips/ advice to other students who are considering an AIM Overseas program?
i. Don't wait for friends to join you - you will make plenty.
ii. Get involved in as much as you can
iii. Take advantage of this once in a life time opportunity
iv. Take photos and write a journal