"People always tell you that you have to travel and to do things out of your comfit zone, but it's only when you are over there and when you come back that you realize what they are talking about. It is only in those moments when you understand the culture differences, the history and the beauty of Europe. I have learnt so much about Venice, art and myself. I never thought I would have this amazing opportunity and the strength to do it on my own. I now feel I can do anything. I have met some amazing people on the way - also known as my venice family. I don't think I can choose a specific highlight of my program - because all my experiences of walking around Venice and meeting my Venice family tops the cake, but if I had to choose one academic experience, it would have to be the Peggy Guggenheim Museum - looking upon the works of Pollock, Picasso, Ernst, Braque, Warhol, Diebenkorn - whom I studied. I cannot believe it is over - but I cannot believe that it has happened. Thank you AIM Overseas, you have changed my life."