"It's hard to describe such a mind blowing, life changing trip and do it justice. There is no part of me that feels or wishes I did something differently or didn't learn enough in the time frame I was given and that's probably the best thing I could have taken from it. I was able to throw my whole self into this wonderful learning opportunity and reap so many benefits from it. To experience a completely new culture for one was a huge highlight. For my first travel experience, this was an ideal way to start and Italy for Graphic Design was the ultimate place to go. Being a young, curious designer, I was able to soak in a place so different to home and have all my senses completely open to it. The art history, churches, cathedrals and museums that filled the streets of Florence was so surreal to absorb and learn everything right before my very eyes. Having teachers at the institution that were so passionate about what they did and took such an interest in every individual student that filled their classrooms really impacted me a lot and I found myself learning an incredible amount because of this. The useful information and new skills these insightful, helpful teachers taught, I will now be able to use in whatever future profession comes my way. As well as being there for educational purposes, I was able to see some of the most incredible sights of my life and meet some of the most infectious and equally enthusiastic people who I will remain friends with forever. Cannot be more grateful for such a wonderful experience."