Through the Art of Contemporary Teaching program, Elise was able to build her network nationally and internationally!

Why did you choose to go on this program?
I originally chose this program because it was the only program being offered for Education students in winter but I quickly came to realise that the program was right up my alley and the university being one of the top in the US was also something that interested me. Please describe your highlight of the program The highlight of the program will definitely have to be meeting so many fantastic people from all around the world. I have gained friendships that I will cherish for a lifetime, it also provides me with teacher contacts all over Australia and the World! IMG_2189

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How do you think this program has shaped you? I have taken a lot away from the program that I will take into my teaching. But, the biggest discovery I made is my passion for teaching and travel – I guess you could say I have developed this love for global education. Since the program, I have decided to teach in Africa and London when I graduate at the end of the year. Participating in a program like this has helped me discover the type of teacher I want to be. Tell me about the overall quality of the program The program was fantastic! It would have been nice to step foot in an American school to experience how the environment is different to ours back home, but I understand that was not possible as US schools are on holidays at the time of year. The excursions though were fantastic! I particularly loved our weekend in Chicago! What are some tips or advice you would give those who are considering an AIM Overseas program? The biggest tip that I could give to anyone considering an AIM Overseas program would just be to go for it because you won’t regret it one bit. Before considering an overseas program, I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford it, and that I would hate being away from friends and family. But, through this program, I have gained a new family. If I had decided not to do the program, I would have regretted it down the track.   IMG_0019 (1) IMG_2222