I’m Kayla Paradiso from Adelaide. I am enrolled in a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of South Australia.

I attended the Oxford Creative Writing Summer School in July 2015 and successfully received credit :) .

If I had to describe myself with 3 adjectives, they would be adventurous, creative and willing. I try and take any opportunity that will allow me to expand my knowledge.

Hint: I'm not Clooney

Hint: I’m not Clooney

Although the primary focus of studying overseas is to study, the highlight of my experience was everything else that came with that. It was the people I met, the independent lifestyle, and the complete change of culture. To be able to be apart of a historical university for three weeks was something I never thought I would have enjoyed as thoroughly as I did. 

Graduating with fellow Aussies!

Graduating with fellow Aussies!

Oxford is known for its colleges and campuses that create the prefect student living. With this knowledge I went into oxford with the assumption that everyday would be consumed with study, but this was far from the reality of living as a student. Nearly every night you are taken to a different pub, with a different pint in your hand accompanied by your fellow students. If I have any tips for the next person, it would be to make sure you dedicate mornings to study so you have every afternoon to explore oxford, shop, and party.

Exeter College- our home for the 3 weeks

Exeter College- our home for the 3 weeks

Make sure to take pictures of everyone and everything because it’s not until you’re back home and set back into reality that you realise how much you actually miss the experience, and that’s when the photo album comes out. If you choose to study at oxford I can assure you, like me, you’ll miss the dinig hall terribly. I may be the first Aussie to say this, but the food is amazing in UK (on campus anyway).

The Dining Hall- Or the Harry Potter Room, where all meals are eaten

The Dining Hall (or the Harry Potter Room), where all meals are eaten


 Do it- Do it! Do it not only for the study opportunity, but do it for the chance to live like an Oxford student. To have your own dorm, to have all your meals catered for, and to have unforgettable nights you’ll look back on and say “remember that time…”

Creating memories that are unique to you is what studying overseas is all about.

Thank you very much AIM Overseas for making the entire journey run so smoothly and make everything fall into the place the ways they were meant to :) .

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