Hey! I’m Juels Opie from Adelaide. I have just moved to Melbourne and currently study a double degree in Educations/ Arts at Monash. My majors are French and Ancient History. I was able to successfully transfer from Flinders University, where I was studying Education/ Languages.

I was delighted to be able to receive credit for the Intensive French program.

3 adjectives that best describe me are honest, eager and inquisitive.


Seeing a great increase in my French abilities (speaking, reading, writing) and being able to explore areas of France that I would not have been able to otherwise, i.e. the countryside and small medieval villages. Although Vichy was not my first experience overseas, it increased my desire to live in Europe tenfold! :)

The most stunning Chateau (forgot the name though sorry)!

The most stunning Chateau (forgot the name though sorry)!

Do it! But don’t apply if you’re only half-hearted about it because there are plenty of other students who would kill for an opportunity like this. Students who are worried they may never be able to afford an overseas experience can do so on a program such as this, with the help of an OS-Help Loan.

These two photos are from Charroux, the prettiest village in France. It isn’t far from Vichy and I went there for a couple of hours in the afternoon with Cavilam and other students. It is an artisan village – they make mustard (with white wine, yummmm!), jams, glass and glass jewellery, soaps and a couple of other ‘regular’ things.


charroux 2