My name is Jade and I study a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Adelaide. I went on the Italian Storytelling and Film Program in Milan (July 2014). I received 6 credit points Adelaide Uni :) .

I am currently the marketing coordinator at Australian Welding Solutions (AWS) Global, but am interested in film and screenwriting.

Below is a photo of me on top of the Milan Cathedral (Duomo).

Milan Duomo- Jade C

I loved the immersive experience of living in the country while studying Italian films, stories, and through that, Italian history, culture and politics. Our teachers were fun and supportive and full of industry knowledge. And of course being able to travel around Italy on the weekends was a bonus. And the best part was, we were there in July- the middle of Summer with perfect weather and happy tourists everywhere :) .

I miss our teacher Mara Perbellini, who was so full of praise and support for our work, made sure we saw her favourite parts of Milan (and ate Panzerotti), and shared her passion for Italian film and culture.

It is very easy to travel around Italy, so take advantage and see as much as you can!

One of my weekends away- Cinque Terre

I have travelled overseas and in Italy before but never so independently, so this experience gave me a bit more confidence to travel/study/work overseas in future. The course also opened my eyes to a whole industry (screenwriting) that I had not really considered as a potential career, and allowed me to discover and practice new skills in that area.

It’s a great experience to travel and study something new. Go with an open mind and lots of energy to explore your temporary home in between doing homework. I am also very grateful for the amazing people I studied with.

Our group at Cattolica -our University