Hey! My name is Jacqui and I’m studying a Bachelor of Graphic Design at La Trobe University in Bendigo. Outside of my studies, I run my own freelance design business- feel free to check it out! (www.whitedeer.com.au).

Fitting to my degree, I went on the Graphic Design program run by AIM Overseas at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Florence. I was over the moon to receive enough credit for one subject which essentially counted towards my graphic design degree.

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The highlights were without a doubt learning from teachers that were very successful in their own field, along with meeting other designers from around Australia and the world. The amount of time (4 weeks) spent on the course was an ideal time! As I loved taking in all the cultural aspects, the Graphic Design Program also significantly opened my eyes to how similar and different the rest of the world is. I definitely want to continue travelling.

It was so fun as well to live in a shared apartment. Everything (i.e. linen, towers and internet) was all included and we were in an ideal area to commute to both classes and to Florence’s main attractions.

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Do not worry about cultural barriers. People in Florence, and Italy as a whole spoke a lot of English, but it was good nonetheless to learn the basics of the Italian language to show you still care. Be brave and talk to people, immerse yourself in the culture as much as possible. Get an Italian SIM from the airport when you arrive.

You will make friends for life. Everyone is interested and willing to learn from one another and is simply excited by the whole experience to be on an AIM Overseas program. Never say no to doing something, whether it be going sightseeing on the weekend, or trying new food!

My housemate and I

My housemate and I

Looking towards Ponte Veccio

Looking towards Ponte Vecchio


Definitely do it. Save up and jump in head first. I would LOVE to go on another AIM Overseas program, but I have just finished my degree, so not sure when I will next be studying. Hopefully sometime in the near future :) .

I will always talk highly of the IED in Florence as it sets itself apart with its interconnectedness to Italy’s design and fashion industries. Many of the professors at IED are also industry professionals with decades of experience in the domains in which they teach. It’s made me a globally employable person with well-rounded skills!

Roadtrip to Sienna

Roadtrip to Sienna