My name is Dale Horne. I'm an enthusiastic, extroverted & interested student and I live at Noosa in Queensland. I study at the Banyo Campus of the Australian Catholic University.  This year I will complete my Bachelor of Arts (Literature/History Majors). In 2013 I attended the Summer School at Oxford University - English Literature Course held at Exeter College. The subjects were Critical Reading & Shakespeare Stage to Screen.  Based on my Oxford results, ACU approved my credit for both courses.

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The highlights of my experience

The whole experience was amazing. To be tutored in a group of 12 students means there is no place to hide. You must contribute. The tutors' feedback on my assignments with a one on one session was invaluable.  Even as a mature aged student aged 66 I was taken seriously which was important to me. It did change me in that I came away with a feeling of accomplishment and that nothing could stop me from achieving my goal of further study after completing my undergraduate degree, which I expect to do this year. Already I am being offered postgraduate study at ACU. Champagne Welcome in the Fellows' Garden

Champagne Welcome in the Fellows' Garden

I hope to return, to take a graduate AIM Overseas course.

I often look back at my 3 weeks in Oxford as the course is greatly encouraging, enlightening, fun and thoroughly worthwhile doing.  The atmosphere is amazing. To spend time with like-minded people and discuss the subjects was great !!!

Entrance to the Hall at Exeter College

Entrance to the Hall at Exeter College

The Fellows' Library at Exeter College

The Fellows' Library at Exeter College

My fond memories

What I miss is the enthusiasm that was radiating from fellow students as we realised where we were and how many great tutors we were able to hear lecture in the plenary sessions each morning. If you are still hesitating...Go! Beg or borrow the money to do it. You will not regret it.  Do your homework, try to contact people who have been before you for tips. One of Oxford's many bicycles Read more about my experience at ACU here