The ‘Social Media for Business and Digital Marketing’ program taught at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte is essential for anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge and skills in using social media.

Due to the increasing use of social media in the business/marketing field, the topic is extremely relevant in the modern working world. Over three weeks, the program will explore topics such as innovation and big data, social media marketing and analytics, and digital marketing.

The program also boasts a large practical component, allowing students to meet locally based companies that operate in the field of social media and digital marketing, allowing students extensive opportunities to interact with professionals as well as practice real-world skills.

** Details to the program are still subject to final change ** 

The Social Media for Business and Digital Marketing program will give participants detailed insight of marketing, big data and business analytics. The program is comprised of three main elements; and is taught through academic classes and practical components.

Week 1: Innovation and Competitive Advantage with Big Data

  • Digital Strategy evolution and emerging technologies driving Big Data needs
  • Digital Technologies, Innovation Labs, and Co-Creation
  • Digital Metrics and Business Needs
  • Internal and External sentiment analysis: Moving from surveys to real time feedback through text analytics

Week 2: Social Media Marketing and Analytics

  • Connected Customer and Social Interactions
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing

Week 3: Digital Marketing and Analytics

  • Major methods of customer data collection and analytics used by companies
  • Understand how analytics can inform business decisions
  • Main tools used to predict customer behaviour and identify the appropriate uses for each tool
  • Key ideas about customer analytics and how the field informs business decisions
  • The course also includes a practical component, the Executive Dialogue Series, which is made up of two components.

The Corporate and Local Business Site Visits/ Speaker Sessions give participants the opportunity to visit a range of both large and small, locally based companies that are leaders in the field of social media and digital marketing, with both local and international focuses. During these visits (or speaker sessions), participants will be given extensive opportunities to interact with professionals, managers, and executives to learn more about the field and apply their new skills and knowledge.

The Executive Dialogue Seminar is designed to support the Executive Dialogue Series and includes time to prepare for and debrief each visit or meeting in order to reinforce learning outcomes. Teams of students are assigned to company visits/speaker sessions. The group is charged with representing their peers and acting as leaders for their assigned visit/speaker session.

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

UNC Charlotte is North Carolina’s urban research university. Located in the state’s largest metropolitan area, UNC Charlotte is among the fastest growing universities in the UNC System. A large public university with a small college feel, more than 27,200 students consider UNC Charlotte’s 1,000-acre campus their home away from home.

Instructor Information

The program will be taught by three UNC Charlotte faculty members:

  • Suzanne Collins, MBA
  • Nima Jalali, PhD
  • Booshra Ahmed, MBA 

Site Visits

The program includes a range of professional visits to businesses. Visits will be to a range of both large and small, locally based companies that have both local and international focuses. During these visits, you will be given extensive opportunities to interact with professionals, managers and executives to apply the new skills and knowledge you’ve acquired during the academic classes.

To give students an appreciation for US culture and attitudes, the program also includes a range of activities that will be confirmed closer to the program date. Examples of cultural activities include:

  • City tours
  • Sporting events
  • Theatre productions
  • Museum visits
  • Shopping trips
  • Team-building activities

Students will be accommodated in student dorm style housing on the UNC Charlotte campus. The housing consists of single-gender, 4-person, 4-bedroom apartments. Students will have access to a shared full kitchen, living room, and bathroom within each single-gender apartment. Students will have access to wireless internet and there are in-building washer/dryers.

It's 2011. I'm 18 years old, straight out of high school and into uni. It's a couple of weeks in and I'm sitting in the uni's International Office at lunchtime to find out more about how I can study overseas. Three minutes in and it's becoming overwhelming very, VERY quickly. The cost, the lengthy application process, the organisation of everything (from finding my own accommodation to picking my own classes that match exactly with the subjects in my current degree) forced me to realise that I definitely wasn't ready for my overseas study adventure just yet... 

3 years later, I'm in my second last semester of my communications degree and I discover that overseas short-term study experiences are possible, and it really sounded too good to be true! Spending three weeks in America studying social media and marketing from expert professors in their field, visiting and networking with companies, whilst being immersed in American college life sounded like an absolute dream to me! Thanks to AIM Overseas, it was all possible! 


So, if you're tossing up between an exchange or a short term overseas study experience, here is what I've learnt about why you should consider a short-term experience:

1. It's financially a great choice if you can't afford exchange
2. You can work it around your current commitments
3. You can still absorb a whole damn lot in 3-4 weeks
4. It still looks AMAZING on your resume
5. It's a great way to get outside of your comfort zone... but not too far out


North Carolina is located in the South East of the United States and has a diverse landscape ranging from the Atlantic Ocean to the Appalachian Mountains. The edge of North Carolina owns some of the most beautiful beaches and stunning islands that acts as an attraction to people all around the country. North Carolina is home to 1,500 lakes of 10 acres or more in size as well as almost 60 000 kilometres of fresh water streams. The state also houses the Whitewater Falls, which is the highest waterfall in the Eastern United States and a popular sight to visit.

Charlotte, known as the ‘Queen City’ is the largest in North Carolina and is a commercial hub. As much as it is known for being the business town - Home to several Fortune 500 companies, it also has incredible museums, stately old neighbourhoods and lots of fine food to feast on. It holds the Levine Museum of the New South, which explores post-civil war history of the South and the NASCAR hall of fame that celebrates the sport of auto-racing. Because of the states many rivers, in Charlotte there are fun activities like kayaking, canoeing, river rafting and tubing to do, as well as many walking, food and shopping tours.


All our programs are designed to count for credit as electives. However, it is up to your university to decide whether they will approve some credit for your participation in one of our programs. Normally it is a course convenor, Head of Department or program convenor who approves your credit.

Your course convenors will not be able to approve credit for a course unless you have a copy of the syllabus so you should not visit your course convenor until you have received a copy of the course syllabus from AIM Overseas. You will receive the syllabus upon being assessed as eligible for the program.

For more information, see our Credit and Funding pages. 


You might be able to obtain the $6000+ OS-HELP loan, as well as a scholarship from your university, when participating in an AIM Overseas program.

Our programs are designed so that eligible Australian students can access the OS-HELP scheme, which can provide funding of over $6,000 for international study experiences.

We give you detailed information about OS-HELP and how to apply for it in your Initial Consultation with us, which we further outline in an email following your Initial Consultation. 

You can also find more information about OS-HELP on our Credit and Funding pages.

Many Australian universities offer scholarships for their students to take part in overseas study programs. We will provide you information on scholarships that we are aware of at your university as part of your application/acceptance for a program. You can also check your university’s international office webpage to see what might be offered.

Applications are currently closed for this program.
However, applications for our Summer 2020 programs are now open, check out our January 2020 programs. Alternatively, you can REGISTER YOUR INTEREST for a July 2020 program, meaning you’ll receive more program info and updates. You’ll also be notified when applications for the July intake are open!

The application process for this program are as follows:

1. Apply online via the “Apply Now” button or by clicking this link.

2. You’ll be prompted to send us a copy of your full academic results from your studies at university so far after submitting your application.

3. We’ll review your university results and application and, if you are eligible for the program, we will invite you to book an initial consultation by phone with one of our Student Experience Coordinators. You will also be sent the course syllabus with more program info.

4. You’ll pay our $55 application fee and book in your phone consultation at a suitable, available time with a Student Experience Coordinator.

5. The phone consultation lasts about 20-30 minutes and we’ll cover detailed information with you about credit, funding, the program, your application and what happens next.

6. After your consultation we’ll send you a follow-up email with instructions on what to do next, an invitation to join a program specific Facebook group to connect with other students applying for the program and a process document, which we have developed in conjunction with your Australian university, to guide you on how to apply for credit and funding.

7. Once you’ve completed the next steps in that follow-up email we’ll do a final review of your application. If all is in order, you’ll be accepted onto the program.

8. Upon acceptance, you will receive three emails containing your AIM Acceptance letter, steps for applying for credit and funding at your Australian University, as well as your downpayment invoice. Note: Your downpayment is due in two weeks from the date of your acceptance and secures your place on the program.

9. Once you’ve paid your downpayment, your application will be sent to the host university for them to process and review and they’ll send us your final official host university acceptance letter which we will send to you.

10. The full program fee (as shown on the website) minus the downpayment and application fee already paid, will be due at the absolute latest by 6th May 2019.

Programs are usually over-subscribed, so it is really important that you take care of things as quickly as possible. We’re here to help and will provide you with information and reminders about what you need to do at various stages.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively, you are welcome to submit an enquiry or register your interest. Registering your interest means you’ll receive updates (via email and phone) prior to the application deadline.