Taught by a range of professionals, this Graphic Design program is ideal for graphic design students looking to further their practical and theoretical knowledge of typography, digital publishing, corporate identity and digital photography.  Field trips are an integral part of the program designed to complement what is being learned in the classroom and give students a better understanding of Florence cultural and architectural heritage.

The program culminates in the completion of individual I-books that are to be the participants unique take on themes connected to the city of Florence.


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European Institute of Design

The European Institute of Design (Instituto Europeo di Design – IED) was founded in 1966 and has since become one of Italy’s best known fashion and design institutions. The institute, which has university status, has developed an incredible network of schools and partnerships around the world – what sets it apart is its interconnectedness with Italy’s design and fashion industries. Many of the professors at IED are also industry professionals with decades of experience in the domains in which they teach. IED’s innovative and practical methodology has ensured it has stayed at the forefront of technology, experimentation, creativity, strategy and professional opportunities.

With over 2000 international students each year across all of its locations, the institute has inspired numerous aspiring designers from around the world. 


Instructor Information

Vassili Spiropoulos | https://it.linkedin.com/pub/vassili-spiropoulos/1b/770/451

Vassili Spiropoulos, born in Florence in 1978, photographer and cinematographer, has been professionally active for the past 10 years being involved in numerous photographic and cinematographic projects. He has taught photography and cinematography in various schools and Institutes such as the Academy of Arts AD’A, the Institute at Palazzo Rucellai which hosts american Universities like Pennsylvania State University and Connecticut University, and the National School of Independent Cinema, SNCI.

Marco Innocenti | http://kidstudio.it

Designer, illustrator and art director, experienced in copywriting and text redactions. Expert in magazine design, editorial design and type design. Expert in touristic and cultural promotion. Photographer. Owner of Kidstudio.

Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini | http://studiokmzero.com/blog/cosimolorenzopancini.html

Founder and Creative Director of Studio Kmzero and type designer for Zfonts. Designer and Creative Director for Motion, Print and Advertising. Background in illustration, comic art and gaming development and strong experience in design for multimedia and the web. Interested in mixing new technologies, user experience and visual storytelling. With his partners at Studio Kmzero, he has written and directed short animation videos, developed experimental software and websites, produced print projects, as well as providing a full range of design and consultancy services to clients.as providing a full range of design and consultancy services to clients.

Giovanni Iozzi | https://it.linkedin.com/in/giovanniiozzi

Born and raised in Florence, since 1988 he has been working as a system administrator for communication systems in companies that work in graphics, multimedia and interior design. In addition he expanded his career into research and development for the fields of strategic and operative marketing. From 1996 he has been teaching at the Fashion Institute of Technology and lately at the IED Firenze.


You will be living in a shared apartment located in a well lit and safe area. Rooms are twin-share. WiFi is available at all apartments. You will be provided with a set of clean sheets and towel upon arrival.


There will be a fan in each bedroom. You will be sharing a full bathroom (sink, toilet, shower/ bath tub) with 3 or 4 other AIM Overseas participants. 


You will share kitchen facilities with other students at the same apartment. Kitchen facilities include a refrigerator, stove top burners, oven, basic kitchen tools, cooking utensils, cutlery and tableware for standard meal preparation. Each apartment will have a dining table and chairs for you to hang out and share a meal with your fellow AIM Overseas housemates.



Italy is an extraordinary feast of heart-thumping, soul stirring art, food and landscapes. Being the epicentre of the Roman Empire and birthplace of the Renaissance, this place is filled with culture. You can stand in the presence of Michelangelo’s David, Sistine Chapel frescoes, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, and Primavera, and Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Italy has more UNESCO world heritage cultural sites than any other country on Earth.

Florence is one of the world’s truly remarkable cities known as a fashion capital of the world, often playing host to major fashion events such as Pitti Uomo fashion festivals. The city is overflowing with history and culture and set in remarkable surrounds. From spectacular piazzas through to dangerously good shopping streets, there is something here for everyone. Over the duration of the program you will have the opportunity to explore this city, both formally as part of the program and during your down time outside of classes and activities. Florence is a riverside city that is large on the world’s ‘must-see’ list. A magnetic, romantic and busy city, its urban fabric has hardly changed since the Renaissance, its narrow streets evoke a thousand tales, and its food and wine are so wonderful the tag ‘Fiorentina’ has become an international label of quality assurance.

The best-known site of Florence is the domed cathedral of the city, Santa Maria del Fiore, known as The Duomo. The nearby Campanile (partly designed by Giotto) and the Baptistery buildings are also highlights. The dome, 600 years after its completion, is still the largest dome built in brick and mortar in the world. In 1982, the historic centre of Florence was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.


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“I’ve only seen a small portion but it’s enough to know, Italy has my heart. Aha! Yes, I sound like an annoying, loved up, smitten kitten and you may be reading this feeling a little queasy like you would if you saw some over the top couple showing too much PDA. But seriously, this country is proving to be such a wonderful place to be taken for my first overseas adventure–especially studying abroad; let alone studying Graphic Design abroad. I really could not get jetsetted to a more fitting spot.” READ MORE



All our programs are designed to count for credit as electives. However, it is up to your university to decide whether they will approve some credit for your participation in one of our programs. Normally it is a course convenor, Head of Department or program convenor who approves your credit.

Course convenors will not be able approve credit for a course unless you have a copy of the syllabus, so you should not visit your course convenor until you have received a copy of the course syllabus from AIM Overseas. You will receive this after you have been accepted on the program, along with information about how to apply for credit at your university.

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You might be able to obtain the $6000+ OS-HELP loan, as well as a scholarship from your university, when participating in an AIM Overseas program.

Our programs are designed so that eligible Australian students can access the OS-HELP scheme, which can provide funding of over $6,000 for international study experiences.

We give you detailed information about OS-HELP and how to apply for it in your Initial Consultation with us, as well as in your AIM Overseas acceptance pack.

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Many Australian universities offer scholarships for their students to take part in overseas study programs. We will provide you information on scholarships that we are aware of at your university as part of your application/acceptance for a program. You can also check your university’s international office webpage to see what might be offered.


Applications for our July 2019 programs will open on October 15th 2018.

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