What is an OS-HELP Loan?

OS-HELP is a world-class loan scheme from the Australian Government. It allows you to borrow over $6,700, which you pay back via your HECS debt, to help pay for an overseas study program. Like other HECS debts, it is interest-free and fee-free.

AIM Overseas programs are specifically designed to meet key OS-HELP criteria, meaning eligible students should be able to access the scheme. We will walk you through the process for obtaining OS-HELP as part of our application and acceptance process.

Eligibility Requirements

Do you meet these following requirements?

  • You are a domestic student on HECS
  • The overseas program counts for credit towards your current Australian degree
  • You have completed 1 year of study by the time you apply for OS-HELP and have at least 1 subject left to complete after you return from the overseas program.

If so, you may be eligible for OS- HELP loan.

How to Apply for an OS-HELP Loan? 

Students can apply for OS HELP through their home university once they have been accepted by AIM Overseas. AIM Overseas acceptance letter and/or the host university acceptance letter are usually required to support the OS HELP application. A step-by-step document on how to apply for OS HELP will be provided to students after the AIM Overseas initial consultation.



This video is intended as general information only and not specific advice. Please visit the Australian Government’s OS-HELP page for more information.



Please see our FAQ section for answers to common questions about OS-HELP.