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Health and safety are the highest priorities for us. Nothing is more important than making sure every student is thoroughly prepared and has the best possible support whilst they are away.

AIM Overseas is committed to “best-practice” amongst outbound mobility programs in Australia (such university exchange programs) when it comes to anything to do with the health and safety of participants, or pre-departure preparation and support.

Prior to departure AIM Overseas is here to ensure you have all the information you need to thoroughly prepare for your trip. Whilst you’re away, both AIM Overseas and host institution coordinators are on call to assist you with any enquiries you might have, big or small.

Before participating in an AIM Overseas program you’ll receive an extensive amount of information to help you prepare for your trip. This ranges from program information, to details about processes at your home university, through to an online pre-program briefing.

We get this information to you in different ways – it’s not just one huge book of information you’re expected to read!

We provide:

  • An individual ‘Initial Consultation’ to talk to you about the program and processes at your home institution
  • A series of videos addressing topics from administrative issues, to booking flights, to arriving in your host country
  • An online webinar, tailored to your program, to go through program-specific details
  • Pre-departure support, which includes your final schedule, emergency contact card and more

We pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive pre-departure preparation processes of any university-level mobility program in the country. We are definitely there with you every step of the way!

As part of our best-practice approach to the health and safety of our participants, every student taking part in an AIM Overseas program is required to have comprehensive travel insurance