Students from Deakin have a unique opportunity to study a short course overseas as part of their degree in the July 2018 holidays.

July might seem a long time away, but applications have already opened and places fill very quickly!

Credit and funding may be available for eligible students, particularly if you consider studying your elective overseas at one of the world’s leading universities, like the European Institute of Design, Oxford and Cambridge.

Courses Include…

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What Deakin Students Say About AIM Overseas Programs…

Studying International Environmental Law in Maastricht was the best experience of my life. The course is different to anything taught at an Australian University. The staff were all amazing and the weekend trips and cultural tours provided a great insight into European history and life. I made amazing life-long friends and I would recommend this course to everyone!

John Timms from Deakin university took the International Environmental Law program in The Netherlands.

 Everything about this program was fantastic! The scenery, the people, the animals, it was just an awesome experience. This program gave me the chance to go into the Amazon Rainforest and see everything we were studying in the flesh, and that was definitely the highlight for me.

 Harrison Eyck from Deakin University took the Biodiversity in Peru program in Cusco, Peru.

Being able to immerse myself within the culture and language was a definite highlight of the program for me. The weekend excursions and cultural classes were very educating and fun at the same time. I was very glad I had the chance to undertake this incredible opportunity!

Alyssa Jackson from Deakin University took the Intensive Spanish program in Granada, Spain.

Every element of the program was fantastic. All the staff in Brno were informative, supportive and great fun to be around. The city visits were amazing and spare time was available for us to do our own thing. The classes were informative and it was great to learn about things from a perspective other than Australian.  

Nick Sanders from Deakin University took the International Law and Human Rights program in the Czech Republic.

Being able to go on site visits to places such as the European Parliament and the International Criminal Court was a definite highlight for me as we were able to visit the places that hold such importance to the program and we weren’t stuck just talking about it in class.

Sarah Coombs from Deakin University took the International Relations and Politics in the EU program in The Netherlands.

Apart from the amazing quality of the academic content, my highlights for me were the site visits. I particularly enjoyed the community health centres, the aged care facility and the rural public hospital where I was able to see operations and several child births.

Ellie Metcalfe from Deakin University took the Public Health program in Mexico.