Credit Information for University Staff

AIM Overseas runs rigourous academic courses taught by universities overseas that are designed to be equivalent to a single, semester-length elective at an Australian university. The information on this page is designed to assist university staff in understanding the nature of our programs, and to describe how to access any information they require.

We highly value your time. Wherever possible, our processes and systems are designed to ensure that we can provide you any information you require, in a timely manner. We strive to streamline processes so that our programs are as easy to deal with as possible, especially in respect of credit transfer applications by students.

We absolutely welcome your input on how we can improve our information to you – reliable communication, transparent processes and high quality programs are our key goals.

Who is this Information for?

The information on this page is for staff of Australian universities who require more information about AIM Overseas courses in order to consider student credit applications.

You might be an:

  • Academic
  • Administrator
  • International Office staff member


Every AIM Overseas course meets a series of strict requirements and our specialist program managers work full time ensuring the quality of the courses on offer.

AIM Overseas short courses are typically:

  • 3-4 weeks long
  • Taught in English (except for language programs)
  • Taught and accredited by universities overseas
  • Designed to be equivalent to a single, semester-length elective at an Australian university

We don’t establish programs because a destination is popular (for example, you won’t see courses taught in New York, Los Angeles or London, just because they are places that might be popular with students). We establish programs at the best possible university that is recognised for the academic quality of the particular discipline that the program addresses.

In many cases, programs capitalise on their location by visiting relevant organisations that are related to the course – for example, the International Environmental Law program visits the European Parliament and the Public Health in Mexico program visits a range of health care institutions – from the very best private hospitals to small community clinics.

Every course is assessed by our team to meet our required standard. We conduct extensive debriefs with partner institutions after every program and evaluations are taken from every student – these processes are designed to continuously improve programs in terms of content, logistics and student processes.

Pedagogy varies from course to course depending on the discipline, destination, the local university’s requirements and academics’ individual styles. AIM Overseas works with host institutions to ensure that programs meet an academic level that is equivalent to the standard of teaching that can be expected in Australian universities.

Wherever possible, AIM Overseas works with host institutions to ensure that courses are dynamic, interactive and deliver the most current information and approaches to the topic in question.

All program must meet a number of minimum requirements. These include:

  • Course Hours : A minimum of 36 face-to-face class hours. In most cases there are far more hours than this. Language courses include a minimum of 80 contact hours.
  • Assessment : A rigorous assessment scheme that is relevant to the course. This might include exams, continuous assessment, group work, presentations, mid-term papers or quizzes, reflective work and/or class participation.
  • Self-study and preparation : An appropriate amount of ‘home work’ – self study and preparation for classes.
  • Content that is cutting edge and delivered in an interactive fashion
  • Defined learning outcomes

All of this information is compiled in our courses syllabi.

Students receive syllabi as part of the application process for a program, upon being deemed eligible, so if a student cannot provide you a copy of their course syllabus that means they have not completed our application process.


Why Students Should Take Our Courses

Wherever you see AIM Overseas’ name or logo you can be sure that the intensive course in question has been through a thorough assessment of course content, learning outcomes, health and safety issues and an overall evaluation of quality has been made.

Students should take AIM Overseas courses because they are:

  • Academic courses, taught by universities
  • Designed to count for credit with appropriate learning outcomes, course contact hours and assessment
  • High quality and quality controlled through a thorough evaluation process
  • Timed to run, wherever possible, during university holiday periods
  • Not destination-based, they are subject-based in a very appropriate location
  • Research shows excellent outcomes for students

What past students tell us

The most common pieces of feedback we receive from students are:

I had a life-changing experience…


This course is the best thing I have ever done…

We are certain that our commitment to quality and transparency are what lead to such positive comments. You can read more comments from past participants in our testimonials section.

We believe that studying overseas is a unique way of pushing students’ boundaries, allowing them to critically reflect on their studies and lives back home in Australia and pushing them on to bigger and better things. We are committed to delivering exceptional experiences.

Whilst all our programs are designed to be eligible for credit, we outline multiple times to every student that credit transfer is strictly a decision for their home university.

AIM Overseas is committed to making the credit transfer process as easy for students and university staff as possible. To that end, we have established formal guidelines with more than a dozen Australian universities.

Every credit transfer process is slightly different and customised to the Australian university in question. However, in all cases the students should follow the steps below before seeking credit approval.

1. Contact AIM Overseas with any questions about the course

2. Apply for the program

3. Provide us with a copy of their academic results so we can assess their eligibility for the course

4. Receive a copy of the course syllabus

5. Undertake an initial consultation with one of our program advisors – during this consultation we advise them on what they need to do to seek credit

6. Return any documents we require from them in order to complete their application

We regularly discuss program content and outcomes with individual program coordinators, heads of schools, Deans and faculty administrators. You can request a course syllabus by email or phone – should you have any questions about an AIM Overseas course, please contact us.

Your primary contacts for pedagogy-related questions are Rob Malicki or Marine Hautemont.