This is the best thing I have ever done…

What Our Past Participants Say

Every student taking part on one of our programs completes an evaluation and is given an opportunity to tell us about their experience.

The most common things we hear back from students are

  • This is the best thing they have ever done
  • It was the best academic experience that they’ve had at uni
  • They have grown as a person and become more confident
  • It has given them a better idea of what they want to do in future

Studying overseas is the perfect way to get an international travel and learning experience at the same time as adding a big plus on your resume.

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My professor was the best teacher I have ever had. I learned more in one class on this course than in an entire semester at my home university…

What the Research Says

There is over 50 years of research into the benefits, both short and long term, of studying overseas.

Some of the key research shows that students who have studied overseas

  • Have better soft skills than those who haven’t. They are more flexible, adaptable, creative, interculturally aware and have better critical thinking skills.
  • Are highly valued by employers – international study is a distinct positive on a resume.
  • Do better academically at university, once they get home, than students who do not study overseas.
  • Are more likely to graduate on time.
  • Are more likely to complete their degree at all.
  • Are more likely to get international work assignments than those who haven’t studied overseas.
  • Have a better understanding of other countries, their education systems and cultures.

There are also distinct benefits like:

  • Having a network of friends and contacts around the world.
  • Being clearer about, and more focused on, what they want to do in future.

Other Sources of Information

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