Since 2007 AIM Overseas has helped more than 6000 students undertake overseas short courses. These students have come from over 28 of Australia’s 43 universities.

We’re committed to working with you to help more of your students have overseas study experiences, without creating huge amounts of extra work for you.

Our aim is to establish credit transfer processes with you that are transparent and easy for students. All of our programs are ‘OS-HELP compliant’ and our goal is to help streamline this side of things for you and for students.

Why work with AIM Overseas?

Your uni should work with us because….

  • We are Australia’s only independent provider of outbound mobility experiences – we are exclusively focused on high quality short courses, taught at universities overseas
  • These programs are thoroughly evaluated and quality controlled
  • They fit into holiday periods and are designed to count for credit and be OS-HELP compliant
  • We have Australia’s best-practice health and safety preparation and coverage for participants so you know your students will be superbly looked after
  • All of our processes and systems are optimised to make it easy for you to work with us – we are the easiest way to increase your outbound numbers!
  • We will establish credit transfer and OS-HELP application processes with you that work for you – these are updated every semester, or as you require
  • We report regularly to you on who is participating and where they are up to in the process
  • We are Australian owned and operated

What Do Australian Academics Say About AIM Overseas Programs?

Watch this interview with Associate Professor Jodie George from UniSA and AIM Overseas Director, Rob Malicki.

Formalities we’ll put in place with you

1. We’ll work with you to develop a process for students to apply for credit, funding (scholarships and OS-HELP) and any other formalities that students need to complete at your end in order to participate. This process is updated each semester, or as you require.

2. We’ll set up a reporting timeline, outlining what information you want from us about your participating students and when you would like it.

3. We’ll work out how to best promote our options at your institution, and make note of any ‘clashes’ between our programs and your existing options – after all, we are here to supplement your options, not replace them!

4. We can sign a Memorandum of Understanding with your institution, if desired.

5. If you wish, we can appoint one of our returned students as a ‘Campus Liaison Officer’ at your uni in order to help promote various programs.

What we need from you

We need….

1. Help from you introducing us to relevant people within the faculties – these are usually people who approve credit for students or who can help promote programs (see ‘Transparency’ below)

2. Assistance promoting our programs through your usual channels – email outs, posters, class announcements etc.

3. Information about what disciplines you would specifically like to work in

4. An ongoing dialogue about processes, promotions, areas of interest and any issues that arise


We are absolutely committed to being transparent with you.

Our goal is to be legitimate on campus – we are not one of those nameless organisations that crash into classrooms doing shout-outs, or that spam half the institution. We want to be known by university staff and recognised as a valued partner.

Part of our approach is making sure we keep you and key faculty staff up to date with our programs and activities. For example, we like to provide copies of the latest syllabi to faculties in advance, so that they know which programs are coming up and can make decisions about whether a program is appropriate for credit before the first student knocks on their door.

We want to develop processes that work in harmony with yours that help more students study overseas, without creating loads of extra work. Our commitment to transparency, fairness and quality are all key parts of this.

Every AIM Overseas course meets a series of strict requirements and our specialist program managers work full time ensuring the quality of the courses on offer.

AIM Overseas short courses are typically:

  • 3-4 weeks long
  • Taught in English (except for language programs)
  • Taught and accredited by universities overseas
  • Designed to be equivalent to a single, semester-length elective at an Australian university

We don’t establish programs because a destination is popular (for example, you won’t see courses taught in New York, Los Angeles or London, just because they are places that might be popular with students). We establish programs at the best possible university that is recognised for the academic quality of the particular discipline that the program addresses.

In many cases, programs capitalise on their location by visiting relevant organisations that are related to the course for example, the International Environmental Law program visits the European Parliament and The Hague and the Public Health in Mexico program visits a range of health care institutions from the very best private hospitals to small community clinics.

Every course is assessed by our team to meet our required standard. We conduct extensive debriefs with partner institutions after every program and evaluations are taken from every student these processes are designed to continuously improve programs in terms of content, logistics and student processes.

Check out our dedicated page with information about credit for Australian university staff.

“I cannot recommend the AIM Overseas Program highly enough. My faith in the advantages of this program for students is such that I have made it a recommended component of a core topic that my students do in the Enhanced Program for BA High Achievers.

My students have returned from their experiences enriched and excited about their study and work plans for the future, and have each enjoyed their overseas experience immensely. The students speak well of the professionalism and organisational skills of contact officers in the AIM Overseas Program, and have felt always that they are in capable hands. My students have been exposed to some of the best tuition and accommodation that any overseas program can offer, and have found that their experiences have value-added to the study that they are undertaking here in Australia. I’ve two students this year who wish to embark on a secondsummer school of some kind as they have enjoyed it so much. For my part, I have been impressed by the level of scholarship required of students via the assessable components of the summer schools, and feel confident that the learning environment that the students encounter is of the highest quality.

I have no hesitation in encouraging students to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities on offer through AIM Overseas, and rather wish such a program had existed when I was an undergraduate (all those centuries ago!…)”

Dr Giselle Bastin- Course Coordinator of the BA and the BA Enhanced Program for High Achievers, Flinders University

“We have been working with AIM Overseas for the last few years to send law students to Europe from Western Sydney University (formally UWS).  All students have reported back having a wonderful experience and really enjoying the learning at partner universities and very well organised.  Western Sydney University has expanded its choices of destinations for our law students and AIM Overseas has provided greater quality choices.”

 Professor Michael Adams – Dean of the School of Law, Western Sydney University

“We have been very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of AIM Overseas staff and recommend their programs to our students every year. These programs have been extremely popular, with 15-20 students undertaking the short-term courses every semester. Students receive credit for the courses, as well as gaining invaluable life experiences. The program is extremely well-organised and students return from every trip saying what a wonderful, life-changing experience it was, both academically and personally.”

 A/Prof Fran O’Callaghan – Undergraduate Program Director- School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University