Studying at Cambridge is well worth it; even simply for the impressed looks you get from the Uber driver picking you up from Heathrow Airport. But of course, the value of my experience extends well beyond this. It is genuinely impossible to walk through the University for longer than 2 minutes without the word “WOW” slipping through your lips. The architecture, the gardens, and the general ambiance of the campus is absolutely inspiring.

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Undertaking the Cambridge Interdisciplinary Summer Program through AIM Overseas was certainly the way to go. I felt supported throughout the entire preparation process. So when I finally arrived at Cambridge, I felt truly ready to throw myself into it all.

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My accommodation for the program was at Selwyn College, and what a fabulous choice that was. The grounds of the college were stunning; the quadrangle and the gardens felt like they had been plucked straight out of a fairytale. My room and amenities were well equipped, with even a wardrobe to accommodate my ridiculous over-packing habit. A hot breakfast every morning helped rouse us out of bed and ready for a charged day of learning. And dinner every night never failed to impress. Each dining experience allowed the perfect opportunity to meet fellow students. Every evening I had the chance to meet a new person from a new place: perhaps the most rewarding learning opportunity of all.

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Within the Interdisciplinary Program, the three subjects I selected covered all topics pertaining to English literature. What a spectacular thing it was to study some of the world’s most well recognised poets, playwrights and authors in the very place their literary creations came to life. Never really being passionate about Shakespeare in the past, the passion and intellect of my teacher ignited an interest I never knew I had. There is nothing like walking through floral gardens and studying in a cottage to spark a fabulous enthusiasm for poetry and literature. There is an undeniable atmosphere emitted by the campus.

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The very reason I attended the course was for learning, but I was very impressed by how social the fortnight became. Punting on the River Cam with friends new and old, an amazing (and exhausting) Irish dance class, and of course the odd visit to the Selwyn College Bar: there were so many ways to cement fantastic friendships. Cambridge as a town was gorgeous, so full of history and academic prestige. Being only an hour train ride away from London also proved an excellent means of enjoying the experience. Why not go see a music festival in London on the weekend? Take a day trip to Windsor Castle? Or perhaps see a play or two at the stunning Globe Theatre? My friends and I did all of the above! 

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I can genuinely credit my time at The University of Cambridge as some of the best weeks of my life. The prime word I would assign to my experience would be ‘learning’. Learning how to travel and live like I never have before. Learning so much about so many different countries and cultures through the friends I made. And learning such fascinating and thrilling content from people so absolutely on top of their field. I am still glowing about my time in Cambridge. I tell anyone who will listen, Uber driver or otherwise, what a worthwhile experience it was. And knowing that it counts towards my course credit back home is simply a wonderful bonus. AIM Overseas provided the perfect avenue to experience an opportunity I never thought I could. What a blast!

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