As we enter our final week in Charlotte, the week starts off with our placements in the designated Elementary schools.  It is amazing getting to know these fantastic students and teachers, there are so many similarities and just as many differences!  Our first cultural activity for the week was an Ice Hockey game at the Bojangles Coliseum.  So fast paced, the cheerleaders were amazing to do their routines on the ice and of course, Charlotte won!  I think we were the lucky charm for each sporting event.

Friday night was a treat going to the Epicentre and watching a movie - complete with full dinner service!  Uptown is really beautiful at Christmas time and there are plenty of interesting laneways with various restaurants and shops to check out.  The Christmas Village was on our agenda for Saturday afternoon - Christmas in winter just feels so much different to our hot Australian Christmas.

Last day at the University was a little sad for everyone as we knew our trip was drawing to a close, but excited to have made so many amazing friends and enjoy such a wonderful learning opportunity.  To finish up, we had the chance to express our artistic flair with a painting party and dinner.  A great way to wrap up an unbelievable and enriching trip.