The second week consisted of intense classes. The longest day was on Tuesday where it seemed like a 12-hour day! We covered a lot of material from the lectures, readings, video clips and revised our basic statistics knowledge. Most of the novelty of exploring Graz was grinding to a halt as we became more focussed on our studies and began to visit the same places for a second or third time. We had quizzes on a daily basis and enjoyed our movie nights. We were all invited to the 'Psycho Party' and a few of us headed to an apartment for pre-drinks. The Psycho Party had some awesome music. The Austrians were all pretty welcoming and friendly. It was funny that some of us had Austrians approach us with a bow and a formal request to dance. It seemed very out of place but perhaps not when your country is renowned for the Viennese Waltz! On Thursday we had our history lecture. It was quite a comprehensive lecture but delivered in, let's just say, a traditional way! The lecturer was a nice guy but it was clear that he was the lecturer and we were the students. By the time we reached the end of our last lecture on Friday, we had covered all the examinable content. Most people then planned to travel across the border to explore Germany, Italy and Slovakia. When everyone got back, we loved hearing their stories and experiences. [caption id="attachment_5761" align="aligncenter" width="500"]received_1013934851986181 Photo taken by Riley Scott (Griffith University)[/caption] One group travelled to Langenfeld in Austria but they had to drive the rental car across Germany for an hour. It was a terrifying experience because the police were rather serious and not very friendly. Nevertheless, the girls were all blown away by seeing amazing picturesque scenery. They also decided to stopover in Hallstatt that was described as a beautiful little gem off the beaten track. It was quite cheap to hire a diesel van as it cost about 1 EUR per litre. A few of us remained in Graz to study and work on our assignments. Most of us have been invited to some gatherings on Monday to enjoy some cross-cultural bonding with a Christmas theme. [caption id="attachment_5762" align="aligncenter" width="500"]received_10206493408467185 Photo taken by Brittany Hall (Deakin University)[/caption]