Our second week in Brno began with an increase in our workload and a plethora of social activities to keep us occupied. Attending university in an environment where it is socially acceptable to go out for a few drinks with your lecturers and course coordinators is definitely something I could get used to.

Firing a Weapon

Monday was all about Military Park, after we class we took the epic journey of a tram and bus to the Military Park, an epic journey because we got lost on the way, but once we arrived it was definitely worth the journey. Military Park was once a Czech (also known as Army Park) and is built around a decommissioned air defence bunker, which now serves as a museum. We had an afternoon full of excitement touring the museum, going through an obstacle course (2:15 completion time for me), firing a sub machine gun and finally PAINTBALL! During paintball we discovered what happens when you put three former or current serving soldiers on one team and watch them annihilate the other team. Good job boys!


The second week was academically quite heavy with most of us choosing to study on some of our evenings and competing our midterm exam. Great news- we all passed the exam! The social highlights of the week were having a pork food-themed night and then on our last night in Brno, Martin was amazing enough to organise a beer tram, which was as awesome as it sounds.

We have all enjoyed our time in Brno and made so many wonderful friends along the way, working hard during class but also exploring the places we have visited. For me this trip has helped me break out of the isolationist mentality that we sometimes experience as Australians, meeting other students from America, Israel, Ukraine, Poland and of course the Czech and Slovakian people we spend so much time with. On to Vienna!

Pork Night