Studying in Granada in Spain has been one of the most transformative and eye-opening experiences in my life. I can't believe a week has already passed and so much has happened. After spending some time prior to the Intensive Spanish program begun in Italy, I flew from the airport in Florence to Granada, and took a bus to my host family's house. They were so welcoming and nice, and constantly speaking to them in Spanish has really improved my knowledge of the language.

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On the second day, my host mum and another guy doing the Spanish intensive program walked to the Centro de Lenguas Modernas to sit a placement test to work out what level we should be placed in. I love my classes and my teachers are awesome and really engaging. It's a great way to learn the language. Another thing that I've enjoyed is the cultural side of things and all the excursions. Already we've been to the historical Andalusian cities of Seville (the capital) and Córdoba.

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 If you thought this was enough for one week, then you were wrong! We also visited the incredible Alhambra palace, which is Granada's major tourist attraction. I also decided to do an extra tour with my new friends and we did a walking tour around the Albaicin which is an old and very beautiful neighbourhood in Granada, and we found an amazing place to view the Alhambra in all its glory. One of my highlights of my time here has been going to the beautiful Arabic baths with three other girls that I met in the course. It was so enchanting and magical, I would highly recommend these baths to anyone going to Granada.

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I've made so many new friends not just from Australia but all over the world. Countries so far include from America, Syria and China (to name a few). In fact, I live with two other American guys who are also doing the program. On Sunday, me and 11 other friends decided to take a bus to go canyoning! Canyoning involves putting on a wetsuit and swimming through beautiful Spanish rivers, and jumping from waterfalls and exploring secret caves. Our tour guide was fantastic and then afterwards we got paella together followed by some nice refreshing gelato of course. I can't wait to see how the rest of my time in Granada unfolds.