So after arriving the night before Cambridge International Summer Program, I met up with another international program student where we visited a Pub called The Eagle famous for being the discovery location for Watson and Cricks DNA model which they frequently visited after long hours at the nearby Cavendish Laboratory. We enjoyed a lovely meal of classic English pub-style burgers and chips before getting a good night’s rest.


The next day we registered for our Science courses and checked into our accommodation, at Selwyn College. After a short break we quickly took advantage of the beautiful sunny 20-degree weather here in Cambridge to go Punting down the river right up past St. Johns magnificent college.  Shortly after we then got to meet everyone in our course at a delicious Welcome Dinner in the Upper Hall.


After attending our lectures during the day we ventured into the city to see more of Cambridge before joining our evening lecture on the history and geography of Cambridge. Followed by a night at the Anchor next to the river cam we also walked through several other colleges such as Trinity Hall, St. Clares, Peterhouse, Pembroke and Emmanuels College. We also visited the historic University Library of Cambridge which holds 8 million books and contains some of the oldest manuscripts in the world.


On Wednesday we had our first science practical session at the Royal Cambridge Botanical Gardens where we captured a variety of insects for us to analyse their specific and unique adaptations to live in their particular environments.  We captured some insects from the grass and then some from the bushes and trees in order to compare their specific adaptations tailored to their environment. We then walked back through Cambridge city centre to our accommodation for dinner inside the dining hall where we have our daily served meal. Our optional evening talk was by the British Ambassador of Russia, discussing the inevitability of the Russian revolution which told the fantastic story of the rise of Lenin and the death of Marxism.


Today was Thursday and we had our second zoology laboratory session inside the Cambridge Undergraduate student labs, where we dissected and analysed our captured insects from the Royal Botanical Gardens, using a classifying guide given to us by our supervisor Ed turner who is the Academic Director and Teaching Officer in Biological Sciences at Cambridge University.


Finally, after what felt like a very short week here at Cambridge, we visited the Fitzwilliam Museum and enjoyed the city famous Aroma Gelato and hot dogs. After this we visited Trinity and Kings Colleges chapels which were absolutely fantastic giving us incredible insight into 16th century architecture and the world of King He


On our first weekend at Cambridge we attended the Cambridge excursion to Windsor Castle, a 2-hour bus ride from Selwyn College. We arrived and made it just in time to watch the changing of the guards parade up into the castle. We then entered the Castle and also got to see the Queen’s famous doll collection. We then stopped for lunch at a small quaint café just off the entrance of the Castle, where we had a delicious ravioli pasta meal topped with a tomato and cream sauce. We then met up with our Cambridge Student Advisors and headed back towards the bus to head back to Cambridge. After attending our meal in the dining hall we all gathered together at the Selwyn College Pub to celebrate finishing our first week of studies.