Be prepared to walk. A lot.

One night I was chatting to a friendly porter at Newnham who told me that the Colleges own almost all of the land around Cambridge and they have an irrational dislike of trains and buses, so there's basically no public transport near the Colleges. From Newnham it's approximately a 20-minute walk to the bus stop, and an hour to the train station. Or you can pay a private taxi £6 to pick you up from College and drive you to the station... so if you like exploring, which lets face it is one of the reasons you're in England, bring some comfy shoes because I guarantee you will spend a fair chunk of the week walking! Believe it or not, most people handwrite in class.... So keeping in mind that Cambridge is 800 years old, I guess this one makes sense. But seriously bring some notebooks because I think one person in my classes used a laptop. Or you can buy the pretty Cambridge University notepads for £3.95. I personally think these are a worthwhile investment because I use them back home at uni anyway. And they say Cambridge University, which is pretty cool. Also, if you flash your summer schools card a lot of places give you a discount. Make sure you get out and about as much as possible Most people only have 2 weeks at Cambridge, so it's really important to make sure that you see as much as you can. Believe me, your free time goes a lot faster than you think! Some good tourist-y things to do in Cambridge include punting on the river, walking through the Colleges (especially King's College, it's beautiful!). We did a lot of these in our second week, which was a great way to end our time at Cambridge. PICTURE 1 PICTURE 2 Don't worry about being sleep deprived! Pretty much everyone I knew existed on a minimum amount of sleep for the entire two weeks. Don't worry, you get coffee at breakfast and it may taste like coffee-flavoured water, but it definitely has caffeine in it! Luckily Newnham gave us tea and coffee in our rooms too. If you're doing the Interdisciplinary Summer School you'll probably want another one between first class and plenary, because it's a long haul to lunch at 2pm. I decided that I'd rather get out and explore Cambridge than worry about getting my regular 8 hours of sleep a night, and in hindsight I'm really glad I did it - I made an awesome group of friends and we had heaps of fun exploring the brew houses up in the town centre (yes, I actually voluntarily drank beer!) PICTURE 3 Don't freak out about not knowing anyone Personally I was a bit worried about not knowing anyone in the Summer Schools, not helped by the fact that I'd just spent 2 weeks travelling with my best friend. However, I literally met my first friend in my first class on Monday, and he had some friends from his university there, and we ended up picking up some extras in College, so I now have people to visit in Colombia, the USA, Sweden, France and Argentina.  Moral of the story is - make sure you talk to people in class because you never know who you'll end up being friends with! PICTURE 4 PICTURE 5 You can read more about my adventures in Potato in 6 different ways... Can they make it 13?