It’s nerve-racking traveling overseas as a solo traveller, and you can take one of two options. Since you don’t know anyone, you can; strike up a conversation with another fellow traveller or be a complete loner. I personally would recommend option one because, you learn a lot by listening, and you may find common interest which hopefully develops into a friendship.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “I can’t do it…… Me? Talking to a stranger?” Well, how did you find your best friend? You had to start somewhere and they too were once a stranger.

It takes 10 seconds of insane courage and the results may surprise you! Us humans always think the worst in these situations but, in actual fact, people just want to feel valued, wanted and accepted just like you. You may start a conversation with someone and they don’t really respond back, but don't be disheartened. There are plenty of other people to talk to - approximately 7 billion people. P.S. Don’t talk about the weather because it will kill the conversation quicker than the speed of light.

I arrived in Florence late at night and didn’t realise that I needed to be at the hotel the day before. Ooops! I like to live dangerously! I wheeled my heavy red suitcase to the elevator, zoomed up to level four and punched in my key code for my room. As soon as I opened the door, I discovered that someone else had happily made themselves at home. I didn’t really know where to put my belongings but I plonked my suitcase in a spare corner. I sat on my bed and realised that it was dinner time. As I previously mentioned in my other posts (if you haven’t checked them out – you should), I hated eating alone.



Since I was part of the AIM Overseas program and there were other students staying in the same hotel as me, they (the students) were very active on our Facebook page. So, I mustered up enough courage and put a post out on the Facebook page asking where people were having dinner. Two girls from the AIM Overseas group quickly responded to my message and told me where most people where having dinner. After Sarah (my roommate – whom I didn’t know at the time) messaged me the whereabouts of where people where having dinner, I power walked to Mister Pizza and found her and a few of the other girls. All the girls at the pizza shop were incredibly kind to me.! As my trip progressed, I developed stronger friendships with a particular group of girls and my roommate. Having a roommate was great because, I didn’t feel lonely, she felt like my long lost sibling (minus the arguing part) and I could always count on them to share dinner with. I’ve made many lifelong memories with my friends and recently keep in touch with them, (even though they’re all spread out over Australia). I've made some lifelong friends on this trip and by going on day trips. Don’t be afraid to try something new and be kind and confident!