Photo 5 This week, our crazy Roman life settled down a little as we began our specialisations. Instead of running around Rome everyday, we all walked to the university campus together every day (after our breakfast of course, pictured above) and began work on our final projects. This course allowed us to choose from three electives - model making, photo and video production, and fine arts. I chose the photography elective and am working on my final project, for which I have to collect videos and photos of my Roman adventure - not too shabby! My teachers are experts in their field and have a lot of knowledge and experience to share. We were taught how to use various editing programs and even got to play around in a professional standard studio! Photo 4 Those who chose fine arts got to explore different painting techniques. I visited their classroom and took a few sneaky pictures! Photo 1 Photo 2 The model making group are working on recreating one of the buildings we visited during our field trips - the Vatican library. They have their own studio where they are sketching, cutting and experimenting in order to create a great piece! Photo 3 While this week has been a little more quiet than the first two in regards to study, after class is a different story! Students have been using their free time in the afternoon and on the weekend to visit the beach, take the train to Florence or Milan, or in my case, to visit another country! That's the great thing about Europe - two hours on a plane and you're somewhere that speaks a totally different language! I travelled to London for the weekend and managed to see the sights, including some adorable squirrels in Hyde Park. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So, there is only one more week left of our Roman adventure. How time flies! This week we will have our final presentations, showing off all the work we created for the course. I cannot wait to share some on here at the end of the week! Ciao for now! You can read more about my adventures in Rome Architectural Sketchbook- Week 2 and Rome Architectural Sketchbook- Week 1