Buongiorno from sunny Rome! Another week has passed, and with it more buildings have been explored and sketched, gelato has been consumed and memories have been made! We are finally getting into the groove of the Roman lifestyle, with most of us having the traditional cappuccino e cornetto for breakfast every day. We felt even more Roman when we attended a real Italian fashion show on Monday night. We were all invited to witness the beautiful creations made by the fashion students at IED Rome. The show was called 'Frames', and it had been mentioned on the Vogue Italia website! We all dressed up in the nicest clothes we could find in our suitcases (some of us felt obliged to shop for a whole new outfit - any excuse will do!), and walked into the beautiful Palazzo Delle Esposizioni on Via Nazionale ready for the show. The show featured many unique styles and gave us great insight into Italian fashion. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 After the show, our teacher took us to Trastavere, one of Rome's trendiest neighbourhoods - known for its nightlife, for dinner. It was only Monday night, but there were so many people in the bars and restaurants, and walking along the river. The atmosphere was great! But we couldn't stay out too long - we had class the next morning! Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6 The next day was very relaxed, we only visited two sites, in which we tried out new sketching techniques given to us. We visited the Vatican's library, which was very special as it is difficult to gain entry into. The design of the building was very interesting and great to draw. After a delicious lunch at a nearby café (I had a roasted tomato stuffed with rice), we went to San Giovanni Basilica in Laterano, with is the most grand and ornate church we have seen yet! There was gold on the ceiling (Black Keys, anyone?)! Photo 7 On Wednesday we sketched the Auditorium Parco della Musica, designed by celebrated architect, Renzo Piano. Photo 8 Photo 9 After that, went to the MAXXI Museum. This display of contemporary art and architecture has to be one of the best ones I have ever been to. All the exhibitions were so fascinating, and presented in the best ways. Thursday was our last day of sketching as we start our elective subjects in our third week. We went to Palazzo Barberini and explored the house that was once the home of one of Italy's biggest families, and is now a gallery that is home to works by Caravaggio and Raphael. Photo 10 Photo 11 Photo 12 Photo 13 That's it from me! Until next time, ciao for now! You can read more about my adventures in Rome Architectural Sketchbook- Week 1