Another week here in Maastricht absolutely flew by.  Sadly only one week left! We left very early Saturday morning on our way to Brussels, and when we finally arrived in Brussels we did a walking tour for about two hours. Which began and ended with in the grand square and I couldn't believe how lovely and very old the buildings are. After the tour we had free time to go see some of the suggested museums if we wished. However, a few others and I decided we preferred to go shopping. After a long day shopping we went to Delirium which boasts over 2000 different types of beers, and I tried mango, strawberry, chocolate chip, and cactus beer, which was an interesting experience. picture 1 picture 2 picture 3 (2) The next day we checked out of the amazing hotel at 10am and walked to planété chocolate where we were lucky enough to get a detailed description of how chocolate is made as well as some taste testers. After that we all loaded onto the buses and headed to Leuven which was about an hr away. Once we arrived we received a guided tour of the city by a very sweet elderly lady.  Unfortunately after this tour we had to leave Belgium and head back to Maastricht. picture 4 picture 5 (2) The positive psychology students were lucky enough to get a bit of a sleep in on Monday after a busy weekend, as our workshop on self-compassion didn't start til 4. I ended up taking so many notes for this workshop as it is a topic that particularly interests me and is rather captivating. On Tuesday we had to chance to explore resilience in our tutorial and then in our lecture to get a brief overview of self-determination theory as it is very deep and theory based. I chose this afternoon to do a bit more shopping around Maastricht then headed home whilst taking some lovely pictures along the way. picture 6 Wednesday was focused on getting us prepared for the symposium next Friday and making sure we were all on track to success with a tutorial. It was so amazing and interesting to hear everyone's ideas about their research and learn more about what they are passionate about. Personally I am interested in sleep so my research focuses on mindfulness meditation and the effect that it will have upon sleep.  I found this tutorial really motivated me further in my research proposal however after the tutorial ended we attended a Dutch Dinner in a nearby restaurant. The dinner consisted of fries and some amazing stew! After dinner a group of friends and I headed out to a few pubs that we had been recommended. We first went to Take 5 then went to Alla which was a heap of fun. picture 7 Thursday I found out that I would be one of the few people that would be preparing and oral presentation for the symposium the next week. I chose this option and was glad to find out that I had been invited to speak but it also made me very nervous as I had not yet started preparing a speech at all. I was distracted from my nerves due to a lecture on the relationship between positive psychology and health and then a tutorial in which we were able to apply our knowledge so far onto four case studies. Friday was one of our days off so I chose to be boring and stay home and work further on my research, as I had kind of freaked out and I thought that I wouldn't be able to further my research on my topic due to a few limitations, however by the end of the day I had managed to work my way around these issues and I felt quite good about my project. Tomorrow we head to Amsterdam for the weekend! Read more about my first week experience in Positive Psychology, Maastricht University Week 1