Week two began with continued picnic lunches and a talk on British politics and history, in a talk entitled Britain & Europe - The Outcome. It was a really great talk that looked at the past and present of Britain’s relationship with the European Union, before discussing some of the future implications.

picnic 1

picnic 2

One of the best parts of Cambridge’s program was that it continually provided us with opportunities to explore current issues from varied perspectives. This proved to be true both outside and inside of classes. For example, in Creative Writing this week we were encouraged to experiment with different forms and ideas as we wrote about unusual objects and fairytale characters.

On Wednesday a group of us went punting on the River after class. The River was beautiful and calm, and we had a lot of fun sharing the adventure together. We then went out to dinner at Jamie’s Italian, where we all ordered pastas. We played word games around the table while waiting for and eating our food.

 punting 1

punting 2

On Thursday I was invited to read out a piece of writing from last week at a writing event called “The Shortlist”. The piece was entitled “Fairytale” and involved fantastical elements entering the real world*.

Friday was the final day of classes. We read our last short stories aloud, and then had a short discussion about writing, editing and publication. We made a thank you card for our tutorial teacher, said our farewells in class and then proceeded to the formal dinner.

formal dinner 1

formal dinner 2

The formal dinner was wonderful - they put tablecloths down and candles out and at the end we all received certificates. We had a lot of fun taking group photos and chatting. No one wanted the night to end.

final photos

On Saturday we said our final goodbyes. We said farewell to the people at breakfast and outside the porter’s lodge as we all left. Many of my friends were leaving around the same time, and thankfully, arrived home safely. I met so many amazing people this trip, and I can’t wait to see them again. Going to Cambridge was one of the most magical experiences I have ever had. Thank you all my new friends for all the photos and memories!

 goodbye Cambridge

*If you would like to read it, a copy can be found at this address https://englandadventures16.wordpress.com/2016/08/23/short-list/