Now is your chance to meet the team who will be guiding you through your AIM Overseas journey!


You can be assured that we have the knowledge and the experience to help you out in any way that we can. We’ve been everywhere and done everything while travelling, including negotiating on the Black Market in Myanmar, being accused of reptile smuggling by Australian customs officials, and fighting desperately to see Jay-Z from a busy hospital waiting room.


At AIM Overseas we love what we do (and we’re really good at it) because we’ve all been in your shoes. Every single one of us has been bitten by the travel bug while studying overseas and we are itching to get away for our next adventure. Read our stories here!




Marine Hautemont & Rob Malicki… who have direct experience with the Black Market.



Hello! I’m Marine Hautemont, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of AIM Overseas. Rob and I have the awesome job of supporting an amazing team of people to do their best work, and have the satisfaction of seeing the difference in thousands of students who've completed AIM Overseas programs. 



I'm Rob Malicki, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of AIM Overseas. I completed a semester exchange program at Oxford Brookes University in the UK, which was a mind-boggling experience. Not just because of the study, but also because I followed a Pearl Jam tour around Europe and cycle-toured all over the UK. Since then I've done an internship in Denmark, studied French in France, worked in the USA, and now run two companies, a charity and two side hustles. Nothing creates as much positivity in your life as studying overseas IMHO.


 In 2004 we visited Myanmar (Burma). We didn't have any time to plan the trip, so arrived in the capital Yangon with US$100 in cash, debit cards and travellers cheques...only to discover that there were no ATMs in the country and travellers cheques weren't accepted! In the end, we had to change money on the black market and ended up doing the whole 3.5 week trip around the country for about US$400 for the two of us. We were very hungry by the end of it (and sore from 15 hour-long bus rides), but it still remains one of our best travel memories.



Amanda… whose taxi almost crashed thanks to a nail file.


My name is Amanda and I’m the Executive Organiser in the office. This means I organise things like projects, business trips, events and much, much more! My first trip abroad was when I went on a high school exchange to Santa Barbara, California. It was such a life changing experience!


When I was in New York, our taxi driver decided she thought it would be suitable to clip and file her fingernails whilst zooming around the city. This resulted in many near-misses and a very high heart-rate for me! I also have a funny story about a monkey stealing someone’s shoe in Bali, but that one’s for another time.




Carly… who accidentally found an international ice hockey tournament.


As Senior Manager for the Student Experience Team my role is to oversee how student's applications are being assessed and progressed. I also liaise with our host universities to ensure that students have the best possible experience on the programs. Studying overseas was the absolute highlight of my university career as it's given me friends from all over Australia and the world and allowed me to see and experience a really cool part of the world that I never would have otherwise travelled to.


On a weekend trip to Niagara Falls, our bus broke down not far into the journey home. We were stranded for an unknown amount of time in the middle of nowhere in Canada, waiting for a new bus. That time ended up being one of my favourite memories of the whole trip though because the only thing around was a gas station and an ice hockey centre (how Canadian). The whole group piled into this ice hockey centre where there happened to be an international tournament going on - so naturally we all happily passed the time drinking beer, watching ice hockey and cheering for teams from countries we'd never even heard of.



Kayla… who has a valuable tip for you.


Hey guys, I'm Kayla and I'm a Senior Student Experience Coordinator here at AIM Overseas. I'm sure I'll get to meet most of you during your application! One thing I love about AIM is the opportunity we present to students. Personally, my first time travelling overseas was with AIM Overseas when I went to the UK to study at Oxford. That experience was a mind-blowing introduction to the incredible world of travelling and I've been to a few other places since that journey.

While I have been to a few different places (not enough though), my favourite memory has to be celebrating 4th of July in New York, on a boat in the Hudson, under a torrential downpour of rain. That may be an over-exaggeration, but the whole experience taught me that the best memories are made from unplanned moments!



Jemma… who almost jumped overboard during a boat crash.


My exciting role here at AIM Overseas is to support the journey of students who are about to embark on an incredible life experience of studying abroad! I absolutely love to travel and I would definitely consider myself a travel addict. I have been extremely lucky enough to visit so many beautiful parts of the world and experience a number of diverse cultures!


During a boat tour off a Cambodian island, a group of us had spent the day snorkelling, beach hopping and swimming with bioluminescent plankton. It was phenomenal! On the way home, we were travelling at high speed when all of a sudden we smashed into a another boat that sent us into a rocking frenzy! I was very much prepared to jump overboard into pitch black water, but luckily the boat managed to re-stabilise itself and no one fell off. Needless to say, the rest of the boat trip home was very quiet…




Ione… whose train got caught up in a political protest.



Hey, I'm Ione and I'm a senior student experience coordinator and a program coordinator at AIM Overseas. I work both with students on their applications, as well as on new program development. I've been lucky enough to do a lot of travel over the years both personally and academically. One of my highlights was definitely doing the Business Communication and Negotiation Skills program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I learnt so much during the program both academically and about myself, and met some incredible people along the way!


I've had some amazing experiences whilst travelling, but the one that stands out as being the craziest happened while I was in Thailand with my family at age 11. We were on an overnight train from Chang Mai to Chang Rai when we were stopped as there were political protesters on the tracks. We had to get off in middle of nowhere during the pitch black early hours and find another way to get to our destination. It was definitely an experience! Despite the rocky journey, I am so glad we made it because they are two incredible cities in Thailand and definitely places to visit if you ever go.



Brooke… who inspires good ideas.



I’m a Program Coordinator, which means I manage the logistics of our programs, as well as focus on international partner relationship management. My role also includes reporting on the feedback of students’ experiences and providing suggestions of improvements where required. I have studied abroad 3 times, twice on AIM Overseas programs (Intensive French in July & International Relations and Politics in the EU January) and once on a faculty led study tour. I’ve also been on a topdeck tour across Europe and visited the wonderful Japan! Next stop for me is Canada.


One time in France I thought I told a shopkeeper to have a good day, but I realised too late that I had said “have a good idea”. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.




Tash… whose recent trip to Bali sent her over a cliff.


Hello! I'm the Marketing Manager here at AIM Overseas. My role is to oversee all of the marketing activities across the team. I strategise, improve existing marketing campaigns, and implement new campaigns. I actually went on the AIM Overseas Social Media for Business and Digital Marketing program back in July 2016 to the US. I not only learnt so much about the topic, but I learnt so much about myself that I wouldn't have discovered if it hadn't been for the trip. It was the most incredible and enriching experience of my life!


When I was in Bali, I jumped off a cliff that was 10m high. I'm really scared of heights so this was bloody crazy for me, but not by anyone else's standards!!!!



Veronica… who is NOT a reptile smuggler.



Hi! My name is Veronica and I am the Content Coordinator at AIM Overseas, which makes me the go-to person for video, photo, and written content. In January 2018, I had the biggest privilege of representing AIM Overseas and meeting our university partners across Europe! It was my first time visiting Europe, and I’m so glad it was also my first time travelling to a new place all by myself.


As an avid traveller, I’ve had my fair share of airport security checks. One evening, as I was making my way through security at Sydney International Airport, I was summoned by Australian Customs to follow them to a private room. After about 20 minutes of panic and interrogation (and having all my belongings checked by three officers), I found out that they were on the lookout for a reptile smuggler who shared a similar name to mine. I’m glad they came to a conclusion that I wasn’t the smuggler they were searching for.  



Shannon… who was DETERMINED to see Jay-Z live.


I am one of the Marketing Coordinators at AIM Overseas! I get to innovate and use my creativity every day by liaising with key stakeholders, recording and analysing data, and implementing social media campaigns. The best experience of my life to date was my exchange semester in Canada, where I met so many amazing people and grew so much as a person.


One day during my exchange I went ice skating with a group of friends. I got too confident, fell really hard on my bottom, fainted, and then had to get an ambulance to the hospital! I was devastated because I had a Jay-Z concert on that night and I was stuck in an extremely busy hospital. Luckily, the nurse let me leave before seeing anyone and told me to have fun at my concert!



Taylor… who has gotten stuck in an elevator, a café, and a wheelchair.


I am one of two Marketing Coordinators at AIM Overseas. I get to work with our amazing Australian university partners every day, as well as get the word out about our programs. I love what I do because my exchange in Berlin was the best thing I have ever done and I want other people to have the same experience that I did! I enjoyed it so much that a year later I spent 3 months living in Madrid learning Spanish.


A fun fact about me is that I am clumsy, and I also don’t have much luck. While on exchange, I became trapped in a broken elevator for over an hour, but luckily had some amazing friends who entertained me by playing music as I waited for the emergency services. Months later I hid in a café for an afternoon during a city-wide lockdown in Munich, which was the scariest thing! I was also stuck in a wheelchair for the first 6 weeks of my time in Spain because a car hit me a day before my flight and I was absolutely determined to fly.