After all the fun we had on the weekend, we were a little bit tired going into the next study week. On Monday, our first class was about negotiation skills. We were divided into groups of two and each of us received a piece of paper with a description of our task. My group partner and I had the task of selling a house to the other group. After a long day of classes we all went back to the hotel and started working on our assignments.

On Wednesday morning we all went to visit a museum as part of our program. We had two hour tour with a professional tour guide. She told us about the history of Charlotte and how this city has developed til this day. I have found the tour to be very interesting and would definitely recommend it. After the tour we all went to have lunch at Uptown. I decided to try a Burrito from a food truck for my American experience. After lunch we all headed to our last Executive Dialog. At the executive dialog we met with the publisher Ted Williams of the Newsletter Charlotte Agenda. The newsletter publishes 5-9 stories a day on a website and send a handcrafted newsletter each morning. Ted Williams told us how he started and where his ideas came from. After the dialog we all went back to the hotel tired and ready for a good night's' sleep!


Thursday would be our last business class for the program (Business Communication & Negotiation Skills). After the class we all went back to the hotel to get ready for an NBA game! I was looking forward to the NBA game because it would be my first professional sports game that I had ever watched! The game was amazing and definitely not what I expected. During every break the crowd started dancing and yelling the name of their team. As well, Cheerleaders would come out and started dancing on the basketball court. I would definitely recommend going to one of those games as the atmosphere is so much fun and you get to experience the American culture at its best.


Our last official class of the program was a public speaking and leadership class.  On that day we all had to prepare a speech about leadership to present it in front of the class. The speeches went very well and we all learnt a lot from this experience. Especially me, where I thought there's not much to know about public speaking but actually there's a lot.

Afterwards the lovely staff from UNCC (University North Carolina) prepared a graduation ceremony for us. During the ceremony we received our certificates and each of us said a final goodbye to all the staff.

Until next time :)