Monday 19 Jan - Spanish wines and practicing lines I finally picked up a 'University of Granada' jumper as a take home memory and it also didn't hurt to have extra layers on during the cold days. The now traditional Monday night language exchange night was here again, we dragged a few of the others out with us this time to meet some native speakers so we could all practise our Spanish. Having my practice oral tomorrow was also the perfect excuse to go so I could speak as much Spanish as I could and carry out conversations. It was the perfect setting to practice speaking Spanish over a glass of sangria, feeling really relaxed and not actually realizing that I was practicing for an assessment. Having all the girls there made it super entertaining as we introduced ourselves to some of the natives and had a laugh. (Especially if our sentences weren't 100% correct). photo 1 Tuesday 20 Jan - Zero degrees and fallen leaves Walking to class in 0 degree weather and rain wasn't too pleasant but the numerous orange trees we walked past on the way to uni everyday always looked lovely especially against the grey coloured sky. Another two people in my class were doing their oral today also so I was lucky last to get it done and I was pretty pleased with how it went. The language exchange definitely helped as I feel that the best way to prep for something is to immerse yourself, and that's exactly what I did. It was just over a week until our exams so we were learning something new in each class every day. Some of us went out later to find some more tapas bars that we hadn't already discovered and we were constantly surprised by the copious varieties that we continued finding. DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO Saturday 24 Jan - Malaga and a salsa bar This was our first free weekend where we didn't have anything planned with the rest of our class, so we decided to travel down to Malaga during the day and stay the night in a hostel. We arrived to a beautiful sunny 21degrees which was a nice change from the cold. Malaga was beautiful; we wandered the streets and found a place to eat for lunch consisting of huge servings of seafood paella, absolutely delicious. There was music playing in the streets and a man singing opera, the city was very colourful and easy to get around. We walked along the pier that sat many sail boats and gazed at the incredibly blue water and sky, it was sad that we only have the one night here. Later in the evening our hostel offered us free plates of paella after buying a drink, so that was definitely ideal before we headed out. We came across a salsa bar later on and ended up spending most of the night there (a cool change from a regular club or bar). It was my first time experiencing a salsa bar and it turned out to be a ridiculous amount of fun. One of the guys that ventured down with us actually takes salsa classes back home in Australia (and is essentially a pro!) so he was teaching us all the basics and moves. Before we knew it, we were all being asked to salsa dance by the locals and it turned into a very humorous evening. photo4 Sunday 25 Jan - A siesta after the fiesta We took advantage of our second day in Malaga and wandered back down to the pier where the sail boats were. There were so many market stalls to look at with second hand books, jewellery, clothing, ornaments and other beautiful pieces to choose from. It was such a beautiful sunny day and the sky was so blue, it's crazy to think that this part of Spain is warm and only 2 hours away there is mountains with snow. After the stalls we decided to check out the beach, as beautiful as the day was, the water was still too cold to swim so we sat along the sand. Before catching our bus home we decided to stopover at a cute tea house that served us chai and tasty nutella and almond crepes as we sat on comfy cushions outside. It was a peaceful end to the weekend and we were all feeling refreshed for the beginning of a new week! photo5 photo6 You can read more about my adventures in Intensive Spanish in Granada, Week 2 and Intensive Spanish in Granada, Week 1