Monday 2 Feb - New classes and birthday glasses Exams were completed so for our final week we were mixed up and put into different classes to continue practicing our Spanish but with a new group of people. There were a lot of others who were completing longer programs that were only just beginning their semester so there was a whole range of students. (Mostly Americans again - they were basically taking over Granada).The classes were still really fun and it was great to meet another crowd. Later in the evening, it was our host mum's son's 18th birthday so we arrived home to an even bigger lunch than usual and celebrated Sergio's birthday. We all sung him happy birthday in Spanish over a couple of glasses of some Spanish wine, so it was really nice to be involved in the families' celebrations. Tuesday 5 Feb - Shots of gin and 85 tickets for the win In class today we watched some short Spanish TV shows that were for a teenage crowd (definitely a bit of a laugh) and it was the best feeling understanding (not all) but the most important parts of what was happening and what the characters were basically talking about. I was happy to still be learning and understanding the language more and more as each day went by so I could take advantage before I return back home to the English speaking city of Melbourne. I went out for tapas with a few of the Americans after class and had some fantastic dips and breads that we couldn't have enough of, especially when its free after buying a drink! Something I think everybody will miss about Granada. Everyone knows that Tuesdays are 'Chupiteria Tuesdays' (double tickets!) and one of the best things about tonight was that one of the girls had collected (or scabbed more or less) enough tickets (you get a ticket for every shot you buy) to obtain a Chupiteria jumper! It was probably one of the funniest moments and we were all ecstatically proud - this is what team work looks like. photo1 Wednesday 4 Feb - A tango show and a fall of snow One of the most exhilarating things happened today whilst walking through the beautiful streets of Granada - it snowed! It was the most exciting moment and perfect timing in our last week of being a Granadina. The locals around us stopped to gawk at our enthusiasm as it was the first time we were all experiencing snowfall. The orange trees filled with white flakes that fell from the sky and it began to fall heavier. We all kept stopping in the middle of the pathway just to admire it around us; it was the most magical thing like something out of a movie. As the snow fell heavier we went inside to one of our favourite tea houses to escape the cold for a couple of hours and watched in awe outside of the windows. The university was holding a tango show tonight so we wandered over later to catch up with some other people and watch the entertainment. I had never seen a couple dance 'tango' so that was another experience, especially different to the flamenco dancers. A nice end to the beautiful snowy afternoon we had just experienced. (I can tick that off the bucket list now!) photothree photo2 photo 4 Friday 6 Feb - Drinks for farewells and goodbyes to the girls It was our final day of classes and I said goodbye to my teacher's and new classmates for the week and prepared for our last day in Granada. Maria organized a nice farewell drinks and tapas at a bar next to the university so we could say goodbye to her and some of the other teachers. It was so sad to think that it was already over and we were leaving this beautiful city tomorrow. It had become a home for us all and we were definitely settled. We took one last group photo together before heading back out to do some last minute shopping, a standard fro-yo run and a last meal with the Señora and her family. Pilar, our señora cooked us homemade paella for our last day which was absolutely delicious and we spent as much time with her as we could before heading out later that night. The Aussies and Americans all met up later at the Chupiteria for a few goodbye drinks and it was sad to leave faces we weren't going to see for a long time, but definitely again in the future! photo 5 Saturday 7 Feb - Sad face and trying to close my suitcase I woke up early this morning to make sure I could do the last minute things like showering and grabbing my last items to pack away. (Massive struggle in closing my suitcase, my señora had to help me shut it). I was onto the next adventure, travelling to Portugal with three of the girls I'd met so we had a bus to catch in the next few hours. Marni and I said our goodbyes to our señora and her kids and gave her a couple of gifts to thank her for her hospitality over the last month. We met up with a few of the other girls to take taxis to the bus station together as a few of them were also going in the other direction towards Malaga. There were the last few hugs at the bus station, but it wasn't too sad as we will see most of each other back home in Melbourne! It is always the best thing meeting new people and they actually come from your home city. Our final minutes in Granada and we were all going to miss this city so unbelievably much, it has been such a fulfilling experience falling in love with the language, the city itself and the fantastic people we have met. Thank you to the Aim Overseas crew for giving us all the opportunity to study whilst abroad. There is no doubt in my mind I'll be back here one day again soon! photo6   You can read more about my adventures in Intensive Spanish in Granda, Week 4, Intensive Spanish in Granada, Week 3Intensive Spanish in Granada, Week 2 and Intensive Spanish, Week 1.