How many students are completing the same degree as you at your university right now? 20?... 50?... 100?... 500? And that’s only at YOUR uni! There are 43 universities in Australia. That’s not including private colleges or students who have already graduated. That’s a whole lot of graduates who will be looking for a job in the same industry as you very very soon!


Did you know that in NSW on average 20 graduates will compete for one job? How will you be different from those other 20 students? How are you going to prove that you are the perfect candidate for the job? What’s the best way to make a lasting impression? Not sure how to answer these questions? No worries! Read on...


In this article, we’ll share our best job interview tips. Follow these and you will walk out of your next job interview fist pumping because you’ll know that you’ve scored the job!


TIP #1 - Research the Company 

THIS IS A MUST!! One of the questions your employer will ask will be...


'so what do you know about our company’ or ‘what do you understand the job role to be?’.


This means you need to prepare for this to know what you're talking about!


I have found it’s best to do a deep dive of your future employer’s website, especially their ‘About Us’ section. Here you will be able to find information on the company’s mission, vision, goals and values. This will be AWESOME to talk about in your job interview. Your interviewer will want to hire someone whose values align with the company’s.


TIP #2 - Think about 'PRE-SUASION'


In a job interview, your goal is to persuade the interviewer to choose you as the best candidate. How can you do this? Well... did you know that 'first impressions last' phrase is very true! You need to think about how you enter the room and how you present yourself. You should even think about how you interact with the interviewers in the first few minutes.


Not sure how to prep for that? That's okay! The way you're going to persuade your interviewer is by influencing their decision with pre-suaion. What's pre-suasion? It's a term coined by Robert Caldini and is 'the process of arranging for recipients to be receptive to a message before they encounter it.'




TIP #3 Learn to Tell Stories


Remember that you're not the only candidate. Your interviewer has most likely interviewed MANY candidates before you. They will also most likely interview many after you for the same position. This means you will need to find a way to make yourself STAND OUT! It's not enough now to recite your resume. The interviewer will have already known about your past work experience and education. It's okay to mention it, but don't harp on about them!


What is really going to help you stand out is by telling stories. This will make a HUGE difference and it will be a refreshing change for the interviewer.


Which answer is more captivating for an interviewer?



Interviewer: How do you work under pressure?


Interviewee: I'm great under pressure. I complete all my uni assignments while still adhering to my other life commitments.




Interviewer: How do you work under pressure?


Interviewee: I'm great under pressure. When I was in Italy for my student exchange, I discovered that someone had stolen my wallet and passport. For a few moments I was so stressed! What was I going to do? After that moment passed, I kept my head level and I navigated to the nearest police station to report it. Then made my way to the Australian Embassy to sort out what to do. On reflection, I've now learnt that when I find myself in stressful situations, I need to take some deep breaths and think about the next logical step. I've been able to use this method now in times when I am feeling under pressure.


What one is more engaging and captivating to you?! THE STORY!


Ensure that the stories you tell leads to a takeaway and relates back to the question.


 TIP #4 Prepare compelling examples that relate directly to position skills

If you’ve already read the job description for the position, you know exactly what the company is looking for. Look at the ‘essential skills/desirable skills’ or ‘key responsibilities’ section of the job. Now, sit down with your notebook/laptop and write a list of the key responsibilities in one column.

Key Responsibilities/Essential and Desirable Skills fromJob Description

Examples/stories that you want to elaborate on


Exceptional attention to detail

  • On my 6 month exchange when I had to organise my application to my home university, the host university application, flights, accommodation, travel insurance, health insurance. I had to ensure I got the dates, timing, correct and that I filled out the forms all correctly with no mistakes 


Implementing email marketing campaigns

  • In my recent internship, I was tasked with creating a Christmas email marketing campaign which was highly successful. The campaign had a 60% open rate, 10% click through rate and  over 100 conversions.


 TIP #5 Calm Your Nerves By Getting in the Right Mindset


Take some deep breaths before your interview. I recommend downloading a meditation app like Calm. This will help you to improve your focus and will relieve you of stress right before your interview. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. You can only do your best.


During your interview questioning, it’s okay to take a pause to think about how you want to answer the question. This way, you'll ensure that you cover points you want instead of rushing through your answer.


TIP #6 - Follow Up to Say Thanks!


After you finish your interview, send your interviewer an email to say thank you for their time and that it was great to meet them.  It's also a good time to restate why you would like to work with them.


Remember that if you are unsuccessful, it's okay! There will be other jobs! The best thing you can do is to ask for feedback on your interview.


Don't forget that the interview process is also an amazing learning experience for you. The more interviews you do, the more confident you will be.



We hope this gives you a solid start in preparing and smashing your next job interview. GOOD LUCK! :) 


Hello! My name is Tash and I'm the Marketing and Communications Manager at AIM Overseas. I love a good coffee, a good crime book or podcast, dogs and a pink fairy floss beachy sunset. Chat to me about any of these things and we'll be fast friends!