Wow, I can't believe we're at the end of Week 2 already and halfway through our course! In between keeping up with our assignments, we've managed to find time to explore more of Florence by getting lost in the hills across the river and taking a trip to the local pool.

 Duomo in florence

We were given a day off on Tuesday and we decided to leave our maps at home and attempt to find the local areas by crossing the Arno River away from the city centre. Quite quickly we realised that getting lost meant a very steep walk uphill in 37-degree heat but the view we found when we arrived at the old Fort Belvedere of Florence was breathtaking. The 360 degree view gave us a look out over the city and even further into the rolling hills of Tuscany.

 View from fort belvedere

Week 2 of class started to focus more on the preparation for the final event we were going to create. We were able to have a site visit to the factory and showroom of BISBAG and we talked more with the founder of BISBAG, Simona Innocenti, to find out more about what she wanted from us in the event. My classmates and I were able to see how passionate Simona was about the values and philosophy of her company by seeing some processes from behind the scenes and some of us even purchased some of her products.

 Pool in florence

By the end of the week, my roommate and I were beginning to get slightly tired of the continuous 35 degree days so we decided to find out if Florence had any pools where we could cool off. With our swimwear in our bags and high hopes in our heads we set off on a half an hour walk and a 10 minute tram ride to the other side of the city in search of a body of water. We didn't expect much from a public pool but we found it was actually part of an old villa and looked more like a resort style pool. It was so relaxing and definitely what we needed after a week of uni!

 View out over Bologna

This weekend students in the Fashion Events & PR group went to Venice, Verona and Rome. Those who went to Rome were able to watch a fashion show at Alta Roma with our Events professor, Camilla Di Biago. I wasn't able to go because I had already booked an overnight stay in Bologna to visit an Italian friend of mine. Bologna was a beautiful city, full of street art, porticoes and the seven secrets of Bologna - I think I only managed to see 4 of them though! Something I found out when looking up things to do in Bologna was that it is actually the birthplace of Bolognese sauce, so that's a definite strong selling point for the city. In the classic Italian way there was construction on a lot of the city’s sights, however, a construction lift and scaffolding had been turned into a makeshift panoramic viewing platform. We had to sign our life away before going up the lift but at the top we were able to see all of Bologna’s famous red roofs and the rolling hills surrounding the cit

Main Street in bologna

All in all, Week 2 was jam-packed with memorable sight-seeing and a much needed cool down at the local pool - where I know I'll be visiting much more before I leave. Next week things will be getting real with the organisation of the event, fingers crossed we can pull this off! A dopo, ciao!