This was my final week overseas on the Biodiversity in Peru program. While watching a parade in Cusco on one of our final nights, I got caught in the rain, yet nonetheless was fortunate enough to enjoy a late night walking through the city centre. I have acknowledged that this place (Cusco) is beautifully historic. The lights that cover the hill at night shine like dim stars which complete the perfect cultural puzzle I've been searching for..

This week we completed our final exams and submitted our final group paper. Saying goodbye was challenging, over the past month the group and I have grown quite close to each other. Even though we are all from the same country we are widely distributed in it- i.e. from all different states. At least there will now be a greater incentive to travel inter-state right? :)

We went out to dinner one last time to celebrate the end of our time in Peru. My last meal in Cusco was Coy- which means Guinea pig. I cannot explain how it tastes, you'll have to try it for yourself! We enjoyed the meal with our biodiversity teacher, and said our final goodbyes to him.


The last night we decided to go out and enjoy cusco for the last time. We went to a bar called momma Africa, which was giving salsa lessons as we arrived. We then met up with friends and enjoyed dancing for a few hours. We walked home in a group in the very early hours of the morning, it was slightly raining and we were accompanied by a stray dog.

A friend and I rose only a few hours later to begin our international travel home. I looked out the window overlooking the great Andean ranges admiring the view for the last time.

To conclude my trip, it is most definitely very difficult to completely sum up in less than a few hundred words. Overall however, it was an excellent eye opening experience that has intrigued me to continue with the combination of study and travel in the future. I look forward to embarking on another adventure of this kind again and would definitely recommend the trip to others. It changed the way I thought about South America and has inspired so much in me that It has changed my life outlook.

Thank you Aim Overseas and Universidad San Ignacio De Loyola for the many great experiences and opportunities that I will treasure forever.