Way back in 2007, when we started AIM Overseas, we had a decision to make. We were pioneers. Founders of the first independent overseas study provider for Australian university students. So what kind of programs did we want to provide? First, we decided that our whole purpose needed to be about establishing the highest quality programs that were unique and meaningful, and that were different from a student's experience studying at uni in Australia. From there were worked out the elements that were essential to great programs. Our programs would be taught at universities around the world. They would be in disciplines that those universities excelled at, and be taught by the best teachers who taught there. This way, our programs would offer more than a study tour led by a student's regular teacher in Australia - they would give students a taste of studying at a foreign university, learning from an expert in their field of study with whom they might never otherwise have a chance to study with. Our programs would be inclusive. We would open them to students from all over Australia, not just one university. This way students would make friends from all around the country, adding diversity to the groups and increasing students' personal networks around Australia, not just the world. And they would be real academic programs, intensively taught in English to rigorous academic standards so that they could count for credit back to the students' degree in Australia. We decided a focus had to be not only on creating interesting programs, but ones that had meaningful learning outcomes and rigorous assessment. As a result, AIM Overseas programs are all about the academic course. Students take our programs because of their content and the way the courses make the most out of the host university's expertise and location. The destinations might not immediately appear to be 'sexy' (the way that Paris, New York and London conjure an image in your head), but they are the best destination for the academic topic covered by the course.

Our programs are experiences. Not just excursions.

You'll study at a university overseas.

With an expert teacher.

And with students from all over Australia.

On a course that belongs in the destination where it is taught.

It will be intensive, but incredibly meaningful.

You'll discover a place, not just pass through one.

With people who you otherwise might never have met.

And our whole team is passionate about making it the experience of a lifetime for you.

Panorama of Vence - Rob Malicki