Week One at Cambridge! :)

Cambridge is so beautiful. I had some time to wander around town later in the week, but even the university campus is stunning. Although they have modernised most of the lecture halls, the College I am staying in during my program still maintains its ornate architecture. The garden is also lovely - the design and maintenance must take ages, but it is so worth it! I managed to see most of the ‘Old Court’ where I am staying on the first day, taking in the sights as I walked around.

 Selwyn College

After unpacking my bags and settling in, it was almost time for dinner. So I joined the line snaking into the dining hall. The first dinner was really nerve-wracking, as I didn’t know anyone apart from the lady who was staying next to me. But it all turned out okay in the end.

 Making Friends

My friends are predominately from my College - although I have been getting to know the people from my Creative Writing course as well. We’re all studying slightly different things, but it is still nice to have the variety.

Classes started on Monday, after a brief introductory session. Creative Writing spilt into tutorial groups, and then had our first lecture. I am taking the Writing Essentials class and, while we are constantly being challenged to improve our writing, it is also a lot of fun.


On Tuesday we decided to have a picnic because the weather look nice. We all bought some food and took it to the College gardens, where we sat, ate and chatted. We decided to have a pizza night on Friday, which turned out to be great! We sat around a table eating pizza and then played a game called ‘The Paper Game’ which involves writing and drawing - there was lots of laughter!

 Pizza Night

On Saturday I experienced the quintessential Cambridge activity: punting on the canal. I went in a group of eight people, and our punter was a trained guide. She told us all about the history of the colleges we passed and the gardens we should visit. The canal was nice and smooth, and all the scenery beautiful!


I also climbed the Church Tower, which at the top, gives a spectacular 360 view of Cambridge. It’s such an amazing city!

360 view

On Sunday, a few of us walked down to Granchester, a small village 20 minutes from Cambridge. We had an delicious lunch and ice-cream, and then followed the river home.