Our final week began in slight chaos, with most of our assignments due and our final all taking place, the hotel common area was filled with tired eyes but as always a lot of laughter and wonderful conversations. Our final project presentations went ahead, some were hilarious but all were brilliantly creative. IMG_0298 However, as the end of the week approached we all began to dread the goodbyes that were approaching. Without missing a beat our final assignment was due on Friday, "Warm and fuzzies". One of the many amazing people in our study group came up with a gorgeous idea to write warm and fuzzy notes to each other. IMG_0297 Maybe the best memorabilia we could share with each other was to take the time to consider something wonderful about the people who shared such an amazing trip. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Most of the group had farewell drinks, which turned into what sounded like a DiscoTech crawl with free drinks leading to a Friday morning filled with sore heads and half painted faces. Saturday morning came quickly and the first group of us were off on our separate journeys, some continuing their travels and others happy to be venturing back to friends and family back in Australia. We were lucky enough to have amazing new friends waving us off at 5:30am, some tears were shed and life long friends surely made. This adventure was not just the places we visited, and what we learnt in the classroom, but the people we shared these experiences with, the conversations we had with each other and the countless laughs that were had. IMG_0289 Read more about my adventures in Biodiversity in Peru Week 1Biodiversity in Peru Week 2 and Biodiversity in Peru Week 3