This week we ventured out of Cusco city and into the jungle. The Amazon jungle that is, and it was amazing! For your average student this would be an amazing experience, but for a group of students interested in biodiversity in Peru, this was an amazing and educational adventure. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We arrived to our Eco-lodge on Tuesday afternoon hungry and ready for adventure. So first point of call was to settle into our rooms and lunch. We then met our guide and went for s brief three-kilometre introduction to the Amazon. With vast amounts of plants, birds and insects pointed out by our guide, we finally arrived at the Camans. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Day two we had another early morning wake up, and we're out by six in the morning to hike, canoe and view and area known as the lost lake from a viewing platform. We were able to see black camans, sloths, macaws and an immeasurable number of plant, fungi and lichens all from the forest floor. Our canoe trip lead us throught a river system full of turtles, birds and even a highly venomous brown snake. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Our Amazonian trip continued and day three just kept getting better, we ventured back into the mud equiped with out gumboots and cameras. Learning more about traditional techniques, medicines and with the professional keen eye of our guide Urbano we were able to see so many species hidden in the canopy, red howler monkeys, black collared puff bird. Along with a demonstration of how to wear a palm leaf in multiple ways, we went bird watching at Lago apunct . Returning for yet another amaizng lunch and to rest in the hammocks by the lake Madre de dios, preparing for our afternoon monkey island adventure. Not only did we see spider monkeys but also capacin monkey, who after one small piece of banana was hooked and demanding for more. I think for many of us this was the first time we were able to experience a monkey shaking rain soaked trees to wet the tourist in a desperate attempt to demand more banana. After an evening watching the immeasurable number of stars seen in this Eco-paradise, we were off to pack and sleep to prepare for our journey back to cusco. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Back to classes saturday and Sunday, the assignments we have all put in the back of our minds, and sadly our last week in Cusco. Read more about my adventures  in Biodiversity in Peru, Week 1! and Biodiversity in Peru, Week 2!