After pulling myself out of bed with fours sleep on Saturday morning, we were headed to Bath for a weekend adventure. This trip was much anticipated, as I was very excited to see and experience the famous Roman Baths. The English Literature group were also excited as Bath was home to Jane Austen for a number of years and the basis for two of her books, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.

An hour and a half drive from Oxford and we arrived in the beautiful city, which was built up around the hot springs discovered by the Romans over 2000 years ago. The Roman Baths are a very popular destination, and there's generally a long line to go inside. We headed straight there from the bus at around 10.30am and only ended up waiting for around 15 minutes, which was great! (Travel tip!) Photo 1 Exploring inside the baths was an amazing experience. The way the historical site has been preserved and brought to life is truly amazing, the original architecture was so interesting and the audio tour was very useful in helping you understand what the baths would have like 2000 years ago! Our group dissipated inside and we all went our own ways and spent more than two hours wandering through because there was so much to see. Photo 2 We didn't have time to go to one of the more modern spas and actually have the Bath experience, but I will definitely be putting that on my list when I go back. The shopping in Bath was excellent as well! The Lush store has its own spa where you can get facials and massages if you're so inclined (I totally would have if I had more time!). Photo 3 The City of Bath itself is beautiful with so many buildings from the Georgian era. The most famous of which is the Royal Crescent. Photos don't do this street justice. The thirty gorgeous terrace houses were built in the early 1770's and the Georgian stone façade remains much as it was when it was first built. Photo 4 Photo 5 It was such a lovely day to get lost in a beautiful city. We didn't really have much of a plan except to wander and enjoy the day and we did just that. Photo 6 We headed back to Oxford in the afternoon in order to make it back in time for dinner at the College and some much needed sleep to be able to work on my essays on the Sunday. Coming up next is a recap of my final week at Oxford... does it really have to end? Talk to you then! Christiarne You can read more about my adventures in Oxford... Not the Place for Last Minute Writing, Weekend Adventure to Stratford Upon Avon and Welcome to Oxford!