Taking the leap to study overseas is a big decision. It can easily become overwhelming to organise, particularly if tedious application processes are getting you down.

Luckily, studying overseas is also - without a doubt - a life-changing experience that you will not regret undertaking. Students constantly tell us that, in the end, taking that daunting leap was absolutely worth the effort of dealing with lengthy credit approval procedures, pinching pennies together in a rush, and throwing themselves entirely out of their comfort zone.

We reached out to our AIM Overseas community to answer one question: What would you tell someone who is hesitant about persevering with their application to study overseas?

Here’s what they have to tell YOU:

Employers will take notice of you

“Studying overseas and taking part in the amazing programs I had really built a pathway for me to work overseas. I felt more confident when discussing my experiences and my goals with potential employers as I was sure that my study experiences would set me apart from other applicants.” – Tate Stuchbery

Tate attended Positive Psychology in Maastricht in 2015 with us. Since then, she has worked for a sport event company in both Italy and Germany, networking with elite athletes and running social media accounts. 


You’ll make like-minded friends and memories that will be for life

“From 2017 to 2018 I travelled Europe and the UK for 5 months with my partner, which included a trip back to Graz, Austria, where the AIM Overseas course was held. I'm actually catching up with 3 other girls from the program soon! We talk all the time and I consider them to be some of my closest friends. It only took flying to the other side of the world to meet them.” – Riley Scott 

Riley has presented research at an international conference in Australia, and has plans to attend the next conference held in Greece. Her AIM Overseas program was Cross-Cultural Psychology, held in 2015.    


It will open doors for you

“I met people and had experiences I will never forget, and it helped me to secure work in environmental law. At no stage have I looked back to regret anything! If you are on the fence – I say go for it!” – Kate Grudzinskas 

In 2012, Kate studied International Environmental Law in Maastricht with AIM Overseas. She is now employed as a solicitor in Queensland’s Environmental Defender’s Office. 


“I was so scared when I applied to study overseas that I wasn't going to be accepted and then I got the big YES that I wanted to hear! I absolutely always encourage every single person I know just to take that opportunity and to go, because who knows what the end result could be - you could land your absolute dream job somewhere overseas where you get the opportunity to see the world and do what you love.” – Steph Haber

Steph is the founder of her own graphic design business and has seen 6 of the 7 Wonders of the World. She completed AIM Overseas’ Graphic Design program in Florence in 2017.


You will pick up incredible knowledge

“I almost didn't apply for this program because I thought I might not be the type of student that would fit in at Oxford, maybe I wasn't smart enough or the type of writer they wanted, but you can't think like that. Say yes, give everything your best shot and if things don't work out, at least you jumped in and tried… Gaining knowledge, either through a university degree, overseas summer program or any short course, is never not worth your time.” – Kasey Symons 

Kasey is completing a PhD about the experience of female fans of elite male sports. She previously worked in Melbourne’s AFL industry as a sports writer after taking part in our Oxford Creative Writing Summer School program in 2013. 


“My AIM Overseas trip gave me the opportunity to grow, learn, build independence, make new friendships, experience more of what the world has to offer and accelerated my skills in Spanish in particular. It also gave me an insight into what University is like in another country. Being immersed in another culture, language, country and new surroundings definitely enabled me to more fully grasp a holistic approach to learning and was a huge eye-opener in terms of the incredible opportunities that are available.” – Shonade Ceccato

Shonade now works with the ACT Justice and Community Safety Directorate after studying Intensive Spanish in Madrid in 2011. 


It’s the best thing you can do for yourself

“Moving overseas, whether it's Canada or Angola, is one of the most therapeutic and challenging undertakings for the soul there is.” – Joseph O’Rourke

Joseph spends his time as a Research Assistant on a disability project across the province of British Columbia, Canada. In 2017 he participated in our Social Media for Business and Digital Marketing program in the US.


Now, time for something from us:

If you’ve still got something holding you back with your application, get in touch or click this link for information on how to make studying overseas a reality! We’d love to help make the above happen for you!