I am writing this blog post in great sorrow as the program has officially ended. No more late nights staying up talking, no more waving out the window to each others apartments, no more going out for dinner. Sadly, all good things must come to an end.  


In our last week here in Italy, we tried to make the most of it. Every day had an activity planned to make sure we didn’t miss anything that we hadn’t already visited. After two weeks here in the city of Milan we finally had the chance to go and properly visit the Duomo. The Duomo is the grand cathedral of Milan – and by grand we really do mean GRAND. This church is massive and was built with some of the most intricate details I have ever seen. You can actually climb to the top of it and walk around on the terraces on the roof amongst the statues. The top of the Duomo is decorated with around forty pillars, and each pillar has a religious figure on top of it. The highest pillar has a golden statue (how cool but oh my, how expensive) which glistens in the sunlight. I think the terraces of Duomo have the most spectacular view of Milan for two reasons; you can see the whole city from up there and you view the city from such a beautiful place.



We also visited the unofficial gallery exhibition on the street artist Banksy. Wow, that was amazing to view some of his artworks in person! I studied his works in high school, so it was definitely a privilege to see such amazing pieces of art in person. We squished in visiting other monuments and a few shopping trips that were both interesting and therapeutic.


I have to admit that one of my funniest memories that I have in Italy is because of something as simple as my name. My first name is Jordan. However in Italian, Jordan is only used as a surname. So every time I was speaking with someone (in Italian) they would ask me my name, then I would tell them, and they would say “no no no your first name not your surname”. It would take me about five minutes to convince them that things were translating correctly and Jordan was actually my first name. Every person had a priceless look on their face.


As this was our final week here, it meant that we had our final assessments due. All of our academic classes culminated to this final week. We gave our presentations, sat our exams and had the simulation. It’s fair to say that the simulation didn’t go as planned as it resulted in a regional war in the Middle East. Whoops. I don’t think that it was the outcome we were all hoping for when we started the simulation but reflecting on why that outcome occurred was interesting. After these were completed, we went out to a celebration lunch together with Francesca and Gloria, which was amazing. It was nice to spend time with them since we hadn’t really had the opportunity before.


On our last night together, we went out for one final aperitivo before saying our goodbyes and heading to bed. I think we ate at this place three or four times just because the food was so good and it was also pretty cheap. Who knows when or where we will see each other again but we will always have vivid memories of our time together in Milano.


Grazie mille I miei nuovi amici per un esperienza bellissima xx

Hey hey! My name is Jordan and I am currently 20 years old. I am from Western Sydney and in my third and final year of university. I am undertaking a Bachelor of International and Global Studies with majors in Government and International Relations and Social Policy. In my very little spare time my favourite things are spending time with my new puppy and spending ridiculous amounts of money at Lush on bath bombs. The programs that I have been on with AIM Overseas have honestly changed my life. It has taught me invaluable life lessons and helped me discover more about myself than I could have ever imagined. I am so thankful for the incredible opportunities that they have given me. I hope that you (yes, you) reading this seize these opportunities - they are incredibly worth it.