University Travel Grants

You may be eligible for a study or travel grant from your university. Where we are aware of grants offered by your university we will let you know once you have applied for a program.

Australian university scholarships typically range from $500-1500 for participating in a short term program such as ours. To find out whether or not any grants are available, we would recommend that you get in touch with your university’s International Office.

Other potential travel grant sources include your academic faculty and any university leadership programs – sometimes departments, faculties, and particular university programs and centres will have budgets set aside for special projects or student scholarships. We have heard success stories of students receiving scholarships simply by writing to the Head of Department that oversees their degree, explaining the opportunity and the benefit, and making a case to be funded. Being proactive and taking the initiative to write some letters and put in some proposals can yield results!

If you have questions about scholarships, or need some form of confirmation of your program in order to apply for a particular scholarship, please feel free to contact us.

Study Overseas Foundation

The Study Overseas Foundation is a new charitable organisation that funds scholarships for Australian university students to study overseas.

The Foundation will be issuing grants from the second half of 2013. The Foundation has requested students not to contact them directly at this time as they are still finalising grant criteria, application periods and amounts. Information is expected to be live on their site around July, at which time they will respond to requests for information.