This program, held by the prestigious, internationally renowned La Rochelle Business School, offers you the opportunity to gain a strong understanding of the fundamentals of luxury and fashion brands. Over the course of three weeks you will gain an advanced comprehension of the new global dimensions of luxury along with the socio-cultural impact on the branding of products within this framework. With an immersion teaching style, you will have the opportunity to work within the luxury and fashion brands by completing a field project with a real life luxury brand company to help them promote their brand. Fields trips to different companies are also on offer along with testimonials by industry experts.

Located on the Atlantic Coast with a close proximity to famous sites such as Re Island, Bordeaux (day trip included), Cognac and the Loire Valley Castles, La Rochelle is one of the most visited destinations along the Atlantic Coast. With this in mind, you will get to spend your weekends there exploring the city and going on guided tours of surrounding islands, and immersing yourself in the French culture. There will also be a 2-day trip to Paris included!

After your 2 weeks in La Rochelle, students will then fly to Florence and complete the final week of the program there.

* Details of the 2017 program are still subject to final change *


Design 1

Additional Course Information

The Luxury and Fashion Brand Management program is a specific combination of the aesthetic and creative focus to the business sector. It increasingly demands an in-depth awareness of the art orientation and the management tools critical to effectively perform in this industry sector. With the current international expansion, currently the fashion, luxury and design industries are exponentially developing in the fast growing markets providing new opportunities and challenges requiring specific knowledge and skills.

From a journey into the Haute Couture in Paris to a LIVE luxury in Florence and in the Italian luxury industry, from a real experience of perfumes and cosmetics production in Paris to the worldwide reputed wineries in Bordeaux and Cognac, your time on this program will allow you to live a real full immersion in the luxury, fashion and design destinations and countries of heritage of the main luxury sectors.


University and Faculty

La Rochelle Business School

Established in 1988, La Rochelle Business School is an internationally recognised institution which receives international students from across the world. Around 650 out of a total of 3100 students are from overseas every year. This gives the university a melting-pot of cultures and experiences

The school’s specialities are event management, tourism and luxury goods management, particularly focusing on innovation in these areas. It has recently achieved AACSB Accreditation, being recognised amongst the top 5% of business schools worldwide and within the top 100 business schools in Europe.

Site Visits and Cultural Activities

The course includes a number of site visits, cultural activities and a weekend trip to Paris in order to give participants an appreciation of French culture and attitudes. As part of the program, students will also have a day trip to UNESCO listed Bordeaux! Whilst in Bordeaux, you will visit a luxury wine sector.

Companies you will possibily visit on the program are Clos Saint Martin, AMEL, Savonniere de Re, Normandin Mercier.

These cultural visits do not count towards the class contact hours of the course but do provide important cultural context for students.


You will be staying in a basic student dorm, which is conveniently located near the Les Minimes Harbour. With just 15 minutes walk, you will reach the La Rochelle Business School.

You will have your own room. Each room has a single bed, a small fridge, a table, a chair and bathroom facilities. A wifi connection is available for one device per room. There is a common kitchen and a TV room at the student dorm.

The accommodation for Florence is still TBC.

Destination Information

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La Rochelle

La Rochelle is a dynamic town that is both bustling and welcoming at the same time. The historical, nautical and seaside city will seduce you with its setting and surroundings, not to mention the diverse array of activities available, whether it be economic, touristic, cultural or sporting.

The town is the third most visited place in the whole of France, after Paris and the Mont-Saint-Michel. La Rochelle is a close runner up with its
sunshine and excellent geographical situation.

You are only 3 hours away from Paris via the high-speed train, only 1 ½ hours from Bordeaux, Nantes and Poitiers, and what is more, the local airport has flights to London, Brussels, Oslo and Lyon, amongst others.


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Application Information

Applications for our July 2017 programs are now closed. 

We are no longer taking applications for our July 2017 round of programs. Applications for our January 2018 programs will be open on May 22nd.

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