AIM Overseas is excited to be collaborating with Deakin University on the Language and Culture Immersion Programs.

These programs are ideal for students that are completing their first year of study at Deakin and are designed to give students a taste of what studying overseas is all about, including learning or improving foreign language skills and learning about the culture of the host country.

In 2014 you will have the opportunity to take part in a unique study experience in Peru, exclusive to Deakin students.

Imagine learning Spanish whilst being guided by experienced academics through world famous sites like Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. You will study at an excellent university and learn about a culture and heritage dating back hundreds of years.

Who is the Program For?

The program is for students that are finishing (or have finished) their first year of study at Deakin University. This means students who have just started studying at Deakin can already start thinking about taking one of these programs at the end of their first year.

Students in their second year, or later, of their degrees are also able to participate.

Is it Possible to Get Credit for the Program?

Yes. More information about the exact process for applying for credit will be provided throughout 2014.

Is it Possible to Get Funding for the Program?

Yes – students that have successfully completed one full year of studies at the time of the program may be eligible for the $6000+ OS-HELP loan (conditions and eligibility criteria apply) to help fund the program.

More information on the process for applying for OS-HELP and/or scholarships will be available throughout 2014.